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DRA PAT Testing Ltd, owned by Richard Ayre

If you’re looking for an expert, someone who is passionate about helping you maintain safe electrics, and an all round nice guy then I’m your man!

Since founding DRA PAT Testing in 2009, I’ve  worked with clients all over the North East (mainly) and throughout the UK, helping them maintain safe electrical systems and improve their safety measures. Also, as a Director of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association I operate nationally to improve the reputation of the industry and represent members.

​I’d love to share my knowledge, experience and insight with you and your team.

DRA PAT Testing has a strong reputation in the industry, and manages equipment safety for over 1500 regular clients including Durham Constabulary, Nexus, National Trust properties, NHS buildings, Seaham Hall Hotel, etc. We work in all sectors, with clients from all types of business from small one person offices to multi site retail units and major hotels.

Unlike a high percentage of rivals, you may be surprised to hear I am not only very experienced, but also qualified and have completed many courses, and studied lots of books to ensure I am as competent as I can be and always represent my industry well.

I also work with clients doing website SEO, and operate as a mentor to new businesses.

Richard Ayre, MD DRA PAT Testing

Meet the Team

We have a dedicated, hard working team who ooze professionalism and come with plenty of experience. Working closely with our customers is important to us and helps to between us maintain hundreds of thousands of portable appliances. We have always strived to be the most recommended PAT testing company in the North East and with more 5-Star reviews on Google than anyone else we’re well on our way to doing that; if we’re not already there!

We are assisted by a select group of other team members who work with us nationally on ad-hoc projects, and are our office is managed by Chelsea.

Kyle Main, experienced PAT engineer specialising in industrial testing

Kyle Main, Electrical Inspector (PAT)

Rob Traynor, PAT Engineer, DRA PAT Testing

Rob Traynor, Electrical Inspector (PAT)

Jane Potts, PAT Engineer

Jane Potts, Electrical Inspector (PAT)

Craig Quinn, PAT Tester

Craig Quinn, Trainee PAT Technician

Chelsea Taylor, Office Manager, DRA PAT Testing

Chelsea Taylor, Office Manager

Pete Oldroyd, Electrical Inspector (EICR)

Peter Oldroyd, Electrical Engineer (EICR)

Contact us

Arranging your PAT testing couldn’t be easier, but we do need to know what the job entails. Get a price online right now using our appointment booking system, or email us to discuss your requirements and for a personal quote, or call us. Whichever option works best for you, it is available here. If you’re unsure and want more help we can come to see you before quoting. 

We are DRA PAT Testing

About us; D.R.A. PAT Testing Ltd is a small business based in Wallsend, just outside Newcastle upon Tyne, in North Tyneside. We are a team of 4; Richard, the owner currently mixing managing, admin and doing PAT jobs, and our 3 employed appliance inspectors Kyle, Rob and Jordan. “We are like any other local small business, in that we have pride and passion and want to do a good job for all our clients“.

“The team is well trained; I have high standards and expect everyone to offer the same high standards on their jobs. As a director for the national Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association having high standards is important to me. I hope you understand that we are like every growing business; as much as I want to do every job and meet every client it’s not always possible, but I will do my best to meet you sometime, and ensure through my team we provide you with an excellent service. I always oversee everything and will deal with you throughout the whole process.”

“When you choose to work with us you will be assigned an engineer to lead the project, whoever is best suited to that task. We tend to work with local businesses; we know our limitations and don’t like to spread ourselves too thin, so secondary schools, and call-centres tend to be our biggest clients (up to approx 5000 items on one site) but most of our work is in smaller high street offices, on business parks, in hair salons, for doctors and dental surgeries, primary schools and for landlords. We are proud to be the official contractors for the likes of Durham Constabulary, Nexus and HLA Coolrite. Whilst we can cope with multi-site work such as for our clients including Subway we tend not to take on national contracts as we’d have to get contractors to do the work and we can’t guarantee they’ll work to our high standards”. 

“If you have just one item at home, want to bring equipment to us or need us to visit your site before quoting, all of this can be done. We can also advise you on choosing the right retest periods for your business needs. I like to visit a site before putting in a price, so if you’d rather we work this way I am more than happy to do so.”

“We carry out PAT testing on electrical equipment fitted with standard ’13amp’ plugs and any other electrical plug; we can do work with industrial appliances too, as well as equipment that has had the plug removed and is now permanently attached to the mains. We operate in line with guidance from the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) to ensure your equipment is checked correctly to ensure it is safe and you comply with the latest regulations. We regularly update our training and use industry leading North East based ‘Seaward‘ PAT testers to test appliances.”

“We also able carry out emissions testing on microwave ovens, and through our sister company we can manage your electrical installation inspections (EICR) too.”

“Our prices are very good; we charge a sensible price – we’re not cheap, but we’re far from expensive too. We have kept pretty much the same pricing structure since we started, and it offers good value for money and affordability. The price includes all our travel and admin costs (it takes time to produce the report back at the office too), and our time to repair faulty equipment that may otherwise fail the inspection. When you consider all that it really is very reasonable, and although PAT testing prices tend to be ‘per item‘ ours are based on how long we expect the job to take and so fall into our hourly or day rate levels. In fact if you’d rather agree that rate up front we’d prefer it, and it usually works out cheaper for you, especially if you don’t know how much equipment you have!”

“So, if you want to work with us, to get started just get in touch. I can give you a price over the phone, by email or come in to see you, I drink my coffee black and tea white, no sugar in either; we can have a nice chat about your situation and find a solution to suit us both.”