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Hello, I am Richard – In 2009, at the height of the UK recession I left my employer to become self employed – I was ready for a new challenge and new opportunities and for me running my own business was it. 

It was a difficult period starting up but I relished the challenge and loved how it worked. It changed and improved me in so many ways and really built my self confidence. The satisfaction of getting that first client, is something that is hard to explain, then looking at your profits and thinking “I did that”, it’s an amazing feeling. 

My goal from the very start was to help local businesses improve the safety of their workplace and equipment for themselves, their staff and other users. There were a lot of people suffering electrical accidents at work and I wanted to do something about that. I was also aware that there were some companies giving PAT a bad name, and I wanted to be able to show that it is a good, worthwhile service. In the last 10 years, we have seen the number of electrical accidents at work decline significantly; I strongly believe this to be because of an influx of PAT testers with a genuine belief in honest hard work at high standards, reducing the number of ‘cowboys’ in the industry. 

Every day, we strive to be recommended by our clients – we operate at high standards, and give our clients the peace of mind that when we say an appliance is safe to use; it is. 

The company is limited, and VAT registered, and in 2018 we took on our first employee which is a great feeling. We also use contractors from time to time when required, and have an electrician who does our fixed wiring inspections work; he is registered with the NICEIC meaning I don’t have to be. 

We have built up a 500+ portfolio of satisfied clients throughout the North East including police forces, schools, doctors surgeries, office based companies, local small businesses, and many many more. 

Kyle is employed as a PAT Technician and has been with us since the beginning of 2018

Portable Appliance Testing Trade AssociationI believe strongly in providing high standards, and know there are problems throughout the industry with corner cutting. A lot of the problems come down to a lack of regulation, training and support but I am part of a group trying to fix that. I am a founder, and Director, for the national organisation, the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

Richard Ayre
Richard AyreDirector
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Kyle MainPAT Technician
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