Fixed Appliance Testing

Some Portable Appliances are now fixed to the main wiring wiring installation

If you got an electrician to remove an appliance plug, and then secure it to the wall using a fused spur unit, the electrician should be expected to service it, and check it continues to be safe, at regular intervals. As it is now fixed to the mains this should be every 3 to 5 years inline with the EICR.

We can do interim visual inspections on it, albeit we can’t check inside the plug because it no longer exists, and we can also do a ‘point to point’ earth continuity test between an exposed metal part on the appliance and the screw of the spur unit.

If however, your electrician won’t or can’t do the full inspection and test, we can. Not all PAT companies can do this but we can. Read on for more info.

  • Electrical appliances can be portable (they unplug) or fixed (they don’t); chances are you’ll have a mix of both.
  • The vast majority of workplace electrical equipment will be portable.
  • Some appliances that used to be portable, will have had the plug removed and the appliance hard wired, for whatever reason, into the mains via a fused spur unit.
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Fixed Appliance Testing

Fixed Appliance Testing isn’t a PAT test; it is a separate function altogether, and is more of an electricians job than a PAT testers, but for some reason electricians don’t like to do this task, so we have to. However it is not as straightforward as a PAT test.

How do we test a fixed appliance?

A fixed appliance needs testing in the same way we do a PAT test – it needs its wires ‘plugging’ into a PAT tester, to run appropriate tests. But those wires are secured to the mains wiring system inside a fused spur unit (FSU). An FSU does the same job as a plug – the appliance cable goes into it, the wires are secured by terminal screws and the cable is protected by a fuse. That is where the similarity ends.

We can’t just unplug it like a normal appliance, it needs the wires taking out. As it is permanently attached to the mains, live electricity, we need to isolate the power, to make it safe.

Isolating the power means turning it off.

So this means we probably can’t do it whilst your business is operating; out of hours access will need to be arranged, unless you can cope without your sockets for about half an hour!

So if you want your fixed appliance testing carried out, we recommend you talk to us about the options available to you.

integrated fridge freezer will need fixed appliance testing
Fused spur fixed appliance testing

What does fixed appliance testing cost?

For fixed appliance testing we charge based on time. It’s £65.00 for the first hour on site, then £45.00 per hour thereafter.

Contact us to discuss testing your fixed equipment

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