Fixed Appliances need Testing too

Electrical appliances can be portable (they unplug) or fixed (they don’t); chances are you’ll have a mix of both.

The vast majority of workplaces will have around 95% or higher, portable appliances.

Some appliances that used to be portable, will have had the plug removed and the appliance hard wired, for whatever reason, into the mains via a fused spur unit.

Some other hard wired appliances were never portable and were always intended to be hard wired.

It is important, when conducting your safety reviews, you don’t forget about the fixed appliances. These could be air conditioning units, refrigeration units, etc.

However, even though they are an ‘appliance’ it is very unlikely that it’ll be your PAT tester that should check them.

After all they are part of the mains electrical wiring system so should only be inspected by someone competent to work with mains electricity, such as an electrician or specialist service engineer.

Fixed Appliance Testing should be done as often as the risk requires, but this won’t be as often as the PAT test. To make things easier for you we inspect every fixed (previously portable) appliance we come across, and also check them for earth continuity.

Fixed appliance testing is a part of electrical equipment testing, but a full electrical PAT test on an appliance fixed to the mains installation should only be done by a competent person.

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Fixed Appliance Testing

Fixed appliances will need testing, not as often as a portable appliance, as they’re attached to the building and so far less likely to get damaged. Usually they would be tested in line with your EICR being carried out, by the same electrician perhaps.

Electrical safety is very important, whether the appliance has a plug or is fixed to the mains you still have a legal responsibility to make sure it is safe; fixed equipment like storage heaters and hand dryers, hand held equipment like hair dryers in hotels all need periodic inspections… but by the right person.

If you have appliances installed, they installer should be inspecting them on a periodic basis – if they develop a fault you call out a service engineer; they should do a safety check at the same time.

How can we help?

We don’t get involved with the majority of fixed appliances – they don’t fall under the PAT testing remit, but if an appliance was purchased with a plug on, then that plug removed and it was hard wired to the system via a fused spur, such as a wall heater, we can run a partial inspection on it.

We will visually inspect the appliance, and also if it relies on earth for safety, we’l do an earth continuity check.

We can’t check it for insulation resistance because we would need to unwire it to test it. Of course, you could arrange for us to do this at the same time as your EICR, as the electrician can isolate the power so we can unwire the appliance safely, then they could wire back in and confirm the wiring is correct.

To arrange fixed appliance testing, contact us by the usual methods.


call: 01916661009

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