Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of the business

The following terms and conditions are applicable to all contracts (whether written, verbal or agreed in emails by booking an appointment or accepting a quote) formed between any customer (hereafter named “you”) wishing to engage the services of DRA PAT Testing Limited (hereafter named “DRA”).

1. Basis of Quotations and Estimates

1.1 All estimates given to you by DRA are an indication of costs which are subject to these terms and conditions, and constitute an offer for acceptance.
1.2 Any estimates given to you by DRA may be withdrawn at any time unless a specified period has been stipulated.
1.3 All estimates given by DRA are open for acceptance until the expiry date shown or for a period of 30 days from the date of the estimate where no expiry date is shown.
1.4 Any order received by DRA is deemed to be an offer and not binding until accepted in writing by the company.
1.5 Unless stated in estimates, all costs are calculated on the assumption that works will be carried out during normal working hours (Monday to Sunday from 8.00am until 5.00pm including English bank holidays). Should works be forced to be carried out beyond these agreed times, you agree to pay any additional costs which may be charged by DRA.
1.6 Some quotations may contain costs which may not be fixed; such costs will be detailed in quotations. Any costs which are not fixed must be paid for at the correct rates upon completion of works.
1.7 The price quoted is the minimum price we will invoice for, even if the total number of items tested is less than the quoted for amount. Additional items tested will be charged for in addition to the quoted amount, at £1.00 per item unless otherwise stated.
1.8 The standard price applies to all appliances fitted with a BS1363 plug operating on up to 230 volts
1.9 Prices are either on ‘per item’ rates, day rates or hourly rates:

‘Per item’ rates: When we quote per item we quote including an initial (callout) fee, so either the quote will be initial fee + per item rate, or a fixed rate for the number of items quoted. If the total items tested is less than the fixed amount; the fixed amount will still be charged. However, if there are more items tested, the extras will be charged for at the pro-rata or quoted rate; usually £1.00 per item. There is no accounting for time on site.
Day rates: Our standard day rate is £250.00 per engineer when on site for one day. One day equates to no less than 6 hours on site, and no more than 7 hours on site, including breaks, plus travel time. There is no accounting for appliances tested; e.g. if the total number is more or less than the average the charge is not adjusted up or down.
Hourly rates: The first hour is £45.00 then £35.00 per hour whilst on site (including breaks); if we have to make a return visit to complete the job the first hour is reduced to £35.00. 

1.10 If we are delayed working, standing charges will be applied at the standard hourly rate, pro-rata. Delays chargeable are those out of our control, such as your staff not letting us access equipment, or your tenants / guests not allowing us access to a room. If we are the reason for the delay, no charges are brought. 
1.11 Additional charges will be incurred for testing of non-BS1363 industrial adaptors and for fixed equipment. 

2. General Conditions of Works

2.1 Access shall be granted to DRA and its employees where works are to be carried out, in all working areas during all agreed working times. Should access not be granted, you agree to pay any additional costs which may be incurred due to any delays caused to the progress of works.
2.2 You are responsible for providing an electrical supply to enable the company to carry out its duties. This may be a normal domestic 230v supply, or a temporary 110v supply. Should an electrical supply not be available, you must inform the company prior to the commencement of any works.
2.3 Suitable welfare and toilet facilities are to be provided by you, available free of charge for the duration of the contract. Suitable facilities should include a clean area to prepare and eat food, toilets and hand washing facilities (with hot and cold running water). Should adequate facilities not be available, you must inform the company prior to the commencement of any works.

3. Working Environment

3.1 It is your responsibility to inform us of any risks that may be hazardous to the safe working of any employees of the company.
3.2 You shall not allow any activity by you, or any third party to compromise the safety of any employee of the company. The company must be informed should any hazardous activity be planned in any areas of work.
3.3 Any costs relating to risk assessments or surveys of the premises (such as an asbestos report) must be met by you.

3.4 Equipment usually stored at heights beyond natural reach should be brought to ground level for testing; we are not insured for the use of ladders, platforms etc. 

4. Progress of Works

4.1 DRA shall agree with you a programme of works. This will include an expected start and finish date and times allocated to specific tasks which will be sequenced in line with other trades where applicable.
4.2 The agreed completion date shall be subject to alteration should any delay occur which is beyond the control of DRA.

5. Variations

5.1 Any variation of work or any extra work will only be undertaken by DRA upon receipt of a written request for such works.
5.2 You agree to pay any additional charges incurred for any variation to work or any charges incurred for any additional works carried out.
5.3 You agree that any extra works or variations may delay the agreed completion date of any contract.

6. Supply of Goods

6.1 Any materials provided by DRA will remain the property of DRA until such materials are fully paid for, by you – 13a plugs, 3,5,10 and 13a fuses are replaced like for like without charge as part of remedial works. Non British Standard plugs will be replaced with supplied item at £2.50; replacement leads are £5.00 each. Anything else will be quoted for.  

6.2 You agree to secure materials which DRA installs and/or provides to you in any premises under your control.
6.3 You agree to pay for any damage to, or the theft of any materials from your premises should the security of your premises be compromised.

7. Defects

7.1 All goods supplied by us are manufactured by others. Accordingly we shall pass on the benefit of the warranty, if any, given by the manufacturer of such goods.
7.2 DRA shall attempt to recover costs from any manufacturer any costs relating to labour or administration which arise due to the installation of any faulty goods. Should it not be possible to recover these costs due to circumstances beyond our control, any such costs must be met by you.

8. Payment Terms

8.1 Any works carried out by DRA shall be promptly paid for, without set off or retention by the time limits agreed.
8.2 Payment terms and due dates shall be stipulated by the company at the time of quoting. Should no date be stipulated, payments are due no later than 28 days after the invoice date (NET 28).
8.3 Any contract which exceeds 1 month in duration shall be subject to interim payments by you. The amount owed at the end of each month shall be equal to the value of the amount of work completed (labour costs plus materials supplied) during the invoiced month.
8.4 DRA may cease work, withdraw labour or refuse to supply goods until all amounts due on any overdue invoices are met in full. DRA may withhold any certificates or drawings or other technical data until all amounts due on any overdue invoices are met in full. DRA may refuse to provide an electrical supply to any circuit or installation, no matter how critical until all amounts due on any overdue invoices are met in full. In such cases DRA shall not be liable for any costs or losses incurred.
8.5 A deposit may be asked for on larger contracts, this must be paid before the commencement of any works.
8.6 DRA reserves the right to charge interest and debt recovery costs on any late payment in accordance with The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998.
8.7 We attempt to recover late payments as soon as they become overdue. Initially a reminder to pay will be issued, stating the amount must be paid within 7 days. Should payment still not be received, a payment overdue letter will be issued. These will be sent monthly should the amount remain unpaid.
8.8 An administration charge of £40 will be due for each overdue letter which we have to send out due to late payment. Interest (at rates recommended by UK Government) will also be charged on any overdue amounts.

9. Limitations and Exclusions

9.1 Building work (unless specifically mentioned in quotations) is generally not included in any quotation. This may include the drilling of large holes (diamond drilling), digging of trenches, chasing out plaster, removing brickwork. Any such works which may be required should be arranged by you. Any costs relating to building works must be met by you.
9.2 The making good of any decorations (unless specifically mentioned in quotations) is generally not included in any quotation. Any such works which may be required should be arranged by you. Any decorating costs must be met by you.
9.3 Working at heights above 2.5 metres from the normal finished floor level (unless specifically mentioned in quotations) is generally not included in any quotation. If additional equipment is required to be hired to enable us to work at heights above 3 metres, you are responsible for providing this. DRA can supply such equipment at the cost to us plus 10%.
9.4 The removal of any redundant materials or equipment (unless specifically mentioned in quotations) is generally not included in any quotation. We do however normally remove our own waste and surplus materials.

9.5 Industrial equipment not quoted for initially, but tested, will be charged for at £1.50 per item

DRA may stop work and/or refuse to supply any customer who;
• Commits a breach of any contract or fails to abide by these terms and conditions.
• Fails to make payment on any due date under any contract between us.
• Fails to make a payment to any of its creditors.
• Becomes insolvent or has a receiver appointed or goes into liquidation.