DRA PAT Testing – Helping you comply with electrical safety regulations through effective portable appliance testing

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We provide you with the full quota of portable appliance testing services throughout Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear and the UK.

We are PATTA approved contractors, offering PAT and fixed wire testing, preventative maintenance and provide PAT testing certificates along with other electrical compliance services.

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Our PAT Testing Service

Let’s be honest; you either understand the benefits of PAT Testing, or it’s a pain. Many people don’t want to get it done, but it is an important and necessary part of workplace health and safety; in order to comply with the regulations for maintaining safe electrical equipment you need it done. We can operate on your terms or manage it all for you; the price is the same as are our standards.

It is our aim to make the whole process as simple and straightforward for you, with minimal disruption to your business and a guarantee that your equipment is safe for continued use. We will help you protect your workers from shock and reduce the fire risk, and after our work is complete we will send your a PAT testing certificate by email.

We do all this at the best prices. Our rates are competitive and you can choose to pay per item or per hour, whichever you prefer. 

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Welcome to DRA PAT Testing

DRA PAT Testing are experienced and trusted portable appliance testing specialists who carry out the full quota of electrical equipment inspection and testing services along with electrical testing of the fixed installation. Our work is carried out and certified to the latest edition of the IET Code of Practice and our prices are always extremely competitive.
We are DBS checked, uniformed, punctual and reliable and we are also PATTA approved; meeting all insurance company requirements. We have over 10 years’ experience carrying out electrical testing to the highest standards for clients ranging in all sectors including office-based, medical surgeries, schools, salons and property landlords.
If you need a PAT Testing certificate or even some guidance call us today on: 0191 6661009 

PAT Testing Newcastle upon Tyne and across the North East

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We are PATTA approved PAT testing engineers providing electrical equipment PAT testing, and fixed wiring inspections to help you comply with workplace legal requirements, to reduce the risk of electrical fires and accidents and reduce financial loss, keep insurance companies happy and maintain safe working environments. 

We serve all areas of the North East from our Newcastle upon Tyne base; wherever you are in the region, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesbrough, Blyth, Cramlington, etc we will come to you to test your electrical equipment. 

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What we do, when we PAT test for you

  • We test every appliance to confirm it is safe
  • We carry out remedial repairs when doing the testing
  • We report to you any appliances that can’t be repaired (they fail initially) and guide you on what to do next
  • We replace faulty fuses and plugs free of charge 
  • We guide you to the best PAT testing frequencies for your equipment 
  • We provide you with an itemised PAT testing certificate
  • We remind you when your retest date is approaching

We’ll do all of this at a fair and competitive price; we’ll operate at high standards and promise you that when we say an appliance is safe (by putting our label on it) it is; we know that all the plug parts are correct, screws are tight, the fuse is correct, the cable is secure, the appliance is not missing any bits and it is safe for you to continue using it. 

Regular PAT Testing helps you to comply with workplace regulations.

PAT Testing Certificate for portable appliance testing

Will I get a PAT Test Certificate?

Yes – when we complete all the tests, the results obtained, which are saved on our testers, is downloaded to create a PAT testing Certificate including itemised report which lists all appliances tested, their location and the results obtained. The Certificate confirms the work has been carried out, that the equipment in use is safe, and that you are doing what is required of you to comply with the regulations. 

The PAT testing Certificate is sent to you as a PDF document attached to an email, or can be sent out by post on request. 

What does PAT Testing cost?

Our full pricing structure is on our PAT testing prices page, however our standard rate for testing is just £1.00 per item, with an initial fee to cover the travel time and initial costs (usually £25.00); we also offer discounts for higher numbers. 

You can arrange your PAT Testing now by calling us on 0191 6661009, emailing info@draelectricals.co.uk or  by completing this contact form:

How often should you get PAT testing done?

PAT testing should be completed as often as is necessary depending on the risks associated with the equipment use, and the environment it is being used in. We can assess this and guide you into what would be the most appropriate frequency for your business when we do your testing. When you do a risk assessment you must always consider your insurance policy as that may insist on annual testing, but as a general rule the following usually applies:

  • Equipment that never moves in an office like a server or fixed appliance should be tested every 5 years
  • Other office equipment such as computers should be tested every 2 years
  • Electrical equipment in a factory or workshop should be tested every year
  • And tools used on a building site should be tested every 3 months

Check out our PAT testing frequency page for more information on this if you need it. 

PAT Testing helps to preventing Fires, Accidents and Financial Loss

With around 33% of accidental fires in the UK down to electrical issues, there has never been a bigger reason to ensure your electrical systems are maintaining safe standards.

In addition, over 1000 workplace accidents are reported each year that involve electric shock or burns, so there is a real need to maintain safe equipment. 

Furthermore, we see damaged and misused electrical equipment every day, which if allowed to go un-repaired or not corrected will lead to accidents later – the fact we continue to see this so often shows there is still a very important need to regularly PAT test electrical equipment. 

Managing Health and Safety through risk assessment

You should complete a risk assessment to determine what is required to maintain safe equipment, and how often it should be done which we can help you with, and our specialist expertise will not only help you maintain safe equipment but ensure it is being used correctly. 

We work with most of our clients long term helping to keep them compliant through on-going guidance and the introduction of best practice measures.

It is important to remember that with health and safety it is the business (owner, directors, etc) who is deemed responsible if an accident occurs; this is even after electrical equipment has been tested. Our clients reviews reflect the quality of service you will get from us. 

Ensure your Insurance is protected

Regular electrical inspections and portable appliance testing also satisfies the requirements of many insurance companies who expect the businesses they insure to be compliant with all applicable regulations. 

As many businesses don’t realise the importance of regular PAT testing insurers may check appliances that are being claimed against have been regularly tested. It is not uncommon to find insurance policies requiring annual PAT testing frequencies. 

We can help you comply with the regulations

To comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations (among others) electrical equipment you provide for use at work (or for business use elsewhere) must maintain appropriate safety standards for continued use.

We can help you comply by conducting regular inspections and tests on all electrical equipment (whether the appliance is fitted with a plug or wired directly into the mains) and the main electrical wiring. More commonly referred to as the PAT test, following which we provide you a fully comprehensive report including a PAT Testing Certificate.

For the mains wiring we can also help you, by organising for your wiring and fuse-board to be inspected by our fully qualified, registered electricians after which we provide you with Electrical Installation Condition Report

We pride ourselves on providing a first class service to all our clients, not only in the testing we do, but in our honest evaluation of the risks of your business to ensure you don’t get equipment tested more often than is necessary. 

Richard Ayre, Owner of DRA PAT Testing Ltd and a PAT testing expertcustomer review for pat testing: Very efficient service and good value. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you

“I’m Richard Ayre, owner of DRA PAT Testing; providing electrical testing services and guidance to business owners throughout North East.

We are a small business;  I actually don’t try to hide that, and think it enhances our service. We have clients ranging from people working at home to international companies so we know that small is often better. It certainly is for you as it means you get to know us and we get to know you, so there is familiarity and rapport which can only benefit the safety of your business. 

Whatever type of business you run, whether it’s an office, factory, school, home-based, etc. where you have electrical equipment, I can help you, guide you and PAT test for you. 

For me, it’s not just about plugging in and testing it is about working with my clients to help them maintain safe equipment, long term, without testing more often than is necessary.”

“DRA PAT Testing have helped UK businesses to maintain safe electrical appliances for over 10 years”

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