DRA PAT Testing – Specialist providers of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) – Speak to us 0191 6661009

DRA PAT Testing – Specialist providers of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) – Speak to us 0191 66610092019-03-11T15:58:45+00:00
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Portable Appliance Testing Experts

Based in Tyneside, we cover all of the North East of England

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Through risk-based PAT testing, we help you stay compliant

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We are specialised PAT Testing providers

DRA PAT Testing Ltd, based in North Tyneside have been providing portable appliance testing for over 10 years to businesses, organisations and individuals like you; our primary role is that of PAT testers so we know we can provide you with an expert service.

If you need PAT Testing, then contact us, let us know what you require and we’ll be able to help.

We cover all of the North East of England, including Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham.  

We provide high standards at cost-effective prices, with sensible, good honest advice.

I’ve got plenty of experience, so there are no shocks with us!

Hello, I’m Richard Ayre, I hope I can be of service to you. It is my job to help you to comply with health and safety regulations in the workplace, whether you own the property or not; if you use electrical equipment at work, wherever that may be then you have a responsibility to ensure it is safe to use – I can help you with that.

As a portable appliance testing engineer I will inspect and test your equipment to make sure it complies with appropriate safety standards to ensure that users don’t get electric shocks and the appliance doesn’t overheat and start a fire; or at least if it does, to have provided you with the appropriate documentation to support you in the event of a claim.

A PAT test is not a guarantee that an accident won’t occur, but it is confirmation that action has been taken to ensure appliances are safe, and it shows that you are taking action to reduce the risks of an incident occurring. Like an MOT for your car it checks an appliance is functioning correctly at the time of the test. 

Richard Ayre
Richard Ayre
Business Owner/Director & PAT engineer

Contact me by calling 01916661009 or email richard@draelectricals.co.uk

What is PAT testing?

Portable appliance testing, or PAT testing as it’s otherwise known, is the process of inspecting and testing electrical equipment that has a plug to make sure the appropriate safety measures are satisfactory; including the appliance casing, plug, lead, fuse and internal earthing and insulation.

What do we do?

Our inspections are thorough, and any issues will be dealt with including repairs to the existing plug and lead, replacement of the plug and or lead, replacement of the fuse, etc.

We cover all appliances, 3 to 64amps, up to 415volts, including those where the plug is not accessible. We’re also able to check microwave ovens to ensure they’re functioning correctly, reaching required temperatures and not emitting excessive radiation.

PAT Testing Certificates

We provide you with a comprehensive report and certificate as soon as possible after the job is complete; usually before we invoice you, for which we provide 30 days credit as standard. The report includes all the appliances tested, by location, each with a unique identification number that relates to the label discreetly applied to the appliance. 

Timely reminders for re-tests and recommended test intervals

All certificates come with a recommended retest period and we’ll contact you before that’s due to return to test, thus ensuring you’re always compliant – it may be that only some appliances need testing next time.

Additional services 

Whilst we specialise in PAT testing, we offer other services to help you with electrical safety including thermal surveys for server systems, fixed wiring inspections (EICR) and emergency lighting tests and maintenance.

Locations covered

All our work is done at your location, wherever you are in the North East; preferably during normal office hours but we can be available on weekends and evenings if it helps you. 

PAT Testing Newcastle and the North East

Wherever you are based in the North East, whether it be Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham or anywhere else, contact us to discuss your appliance testing needs

Some of our clients…

Our PAT testing clients include Durham Police, Nexus in Newcastle, Seaham Hall, National Trust in Northumberland and Kier in Gateshead