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DRA PAT Testing – specialists in Portable Appliance Testing in the North East – call us 0191 66610092019-10-30T18:08:09+00:00
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PAT Testing North East – Newcastle upon Tyne – Durham – Sunderland – Middlesbrough

Wherever you are in the North East of England we will come to you to PAT test your electrical appliances to make sure they are safe for continued use; we will carry out necessary repairs and provide you with a PAT testing Certificate for compliance. We are able to test:

  • All types of electrical appliance fitted with a standard UK plug
  • Fixed appliances, wired into the mains via a ‘spur’
  • Industrial appliances 110 volts to 415 volts
  • Microwave ovens for emissions, power and temperature

We are also able to carry out inspections of the mains wiring and emergency lighting systems

This is why you do need portable appliances testing

Some say you don’t need portable appliances tested, that it is a waste of money or unnecessary; those people have never had an electric shock, suffered the loss from an electric fire or failed a fire or safety inspection – they’ve been lucky. 

If you want your business to comply with UK safety regulations then you need to be sure that the electrical equipment you provide for use at work is safe to use; if you are the designated responsible person or business owner, you are legally responsible if there is an accident, so better safe than sorry; be sure your equipment is safe. The easiest, and often cheapest way to do this is through a “PAT testing” programme. 

PAT testing, or inspection and testing of electrical equipment to give it its correct title is a process of preventative maintenance whereby equipment is checked visually and by a portable appliance tester to ensure it is safe to use; and if not it will either be repaired or taken out of service to prevent accidents occurring. 

Why choose us for your PAT Testing?

I am Richard Ayre; I have traded as DRA PAT Testing since 2009; I established and have grown the business gradually over the past 10 years and I am very proud of my achievements. I am employ Kyle to help me and use some checked sub-contractors during busy periods, but most of the time it will be Kyle or I you meet on the job.

I feel it is important that you, a client, or potential client know that I am the business, and who we are; we’re not a national firm, we don’t have hundreds of staff but we are local to you. We’re based in Wallsend, and we cover most of the North East of England – generally we’ll travel up to Alnwick, inland to Hexham, down to Hartlepool and Middlesbrough, covering Newcastle, Gateshead, Washington, Sunderland, Durham etc. in-between. 

We also know what we are good at and our limitations; if we feel the job is too big we’ll be honest and tell you that; we’ll do risk assessments for you to help you decide how often tests should be carried out and we’ll replace defective plugs and fuses for free. 

Richard Ayre, Director, DRA PAT Testing

All PAT Testing Prices quoted include:

  • Repairs to the existing plug & flexible cable
  • Supply of replacement plugs and fuses 
  • Notification of faulty sockets 
  • Guidance for maintaining safe appliances
  • Unique ID number for each appliance tested
  • Itemised report and PAT testing Certificate
  • Timely reminders when re-tests are due
  • Thermal image checks of servers
  • Discounted rates off Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR)

See 7 of these great benefits in more detail

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“DRA PAT (provide a) thoroughly professional service, great communication throughout. and a very pleasant engineer conducting the testing. Would use again for further PAT”.

Testimonial from North Tyneside Council

  • Over 425,000 appliances tested 

over 60 “5 star” reviews on Google

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