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PAT Testing Newcastle upon Tyne

Need a local PAT testing company based in the Newcastle upon Tyne area?

We’re a local PAT testing Newcastle company helping businesses of all shapes and sizes from all kinds of industries to maintain safe electrical equipment to prevent or reduce the chances of accidents from happening at work or in other places of work.  We do this by carrying out Portable Appliance Testing to a high standard including thorough visual inspections, and testing appropriate to the appliance, its use and the working environment it is being used in.

We carry out repairs automatically including to the cable and the plug, and will supply replacement plugs and fuses free of charge if they are needed. We can test all types of appliance from 110 volt to 415 volt including portable appliances and fixed equipment.

We will talk to you about electrical safety and areas in which yours may be improved, and can provide guidance on appropriate retest periods. 

  • FREE replacement plugs and fuses
  • Guidance on PAT testing frequency
  • Portable and fixed appliances covered

On completion of the testing (back at our office) we use the recorded results to create a PAT Testing Certificate Report which we send to you as a pdf document, by email. This certificate provides all the information you need to show you are complying with the requirements for Health and Safety at Work in regards to maintaining safe electrical appliances.

See what we can do for you by contacting us to discuss your needs, get a PAT testing quote, or if you’re unsure what you need a free site survey may help you. 

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What do people think of us? 

We were tasked to do the PAT testing for a recruitment company in Newcastle City Centre. They had a lot computers, and busy staff who they didn’t want to disrupt too much. We explained our service to them and it was agreed we would do the work on a quiet day, starting as early as possible, before most staff started work. We prioritised main areas to be done first, and being a two-man team on this occasion we were able to get them done before staff started. The work took us from 7am to about 2pm to complete, but we got around 500 items tested for the client with minimal disruption to the business.

This is what Deborah, the Head of IT said about us: 

Nigel Wright recruitment logo - an office based business in Newcastle upon Tyne

Richard and his team completed our PAT testing last week in lightning speed; punctual, polite, great value and very efficient – I highly recommend DRA Electricals.

What is a “Portable Appliance” and why do they need PAT testing? 

A portable appliance is an electrical appliance fitted with a plug that can be connected to or disconnected from the main power supply via a socket. 

All portable appliances pose a risk because they can be unplugged easily, the plug and wiring can be damaged in the process if not done correctly, and the appliance can be damaged through use and movement; so they have to be inspected and tested regularly to ensure they maintain the required safety standards. 

What needs PAT Testing? 

Every electrical appliance used in a workplace or for business use needs to be maintained to a safe level at all times, this includes kitchen appliances, IT equipment, tools, etc. We carry out testing in all workplaces so wherever you work and whatever you do we can help. 

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Your electrical testing all in one place

Why get a load of different companies to test your portable and fixed appliances, mains wiring and emergency lighting? We can manage all of this for you; the first two we do and the others are done by our NICEIC registered partner company, and we’ll manage the quotes, invoices and paperwork taking away all the stress from you. We are a team of experts that specialise in areas of electrical testing, so that we can handle your electrical safety requirements. 

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Not sure what you need doing?

We provide a FREE site survey for anyone who is unsure what they need doing or how many appliances they have to test. We will visit your site to have a chat and a look around; we’ll do a count of your equipment then can advise you on what we think is the best course of action. We’ll discuss pricing, risk, retest periods etc. 

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