PAT Testing in Newcastle upon Tyne

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PAT Testing in Newcastle upon Tyne

We carry out inspections of electrical equipment and portable appliance testing for personal and business customers all over Newcastle upon Tyne, and will come to you to test your appliances too. 

We’ll work with you to ensure your equipment maintains safe standards long term, so that the chances of an accident occurring are kept to a minimum. 

We’ll recommend appropriate PAT testing frequencies based on the risks associated with your equipment and working environment, inline with HSE recommendations. 

PAT Testing is recommended because.. 

If you don’t take care of your portable electrical appliances you may find that they start to deteriorate, and that is when you start to have problems. A deteriorated appliance can overheat which leads to fires or become so damaged that the user may get an electric shock. 

The only way to keep electrical appliances safe is to check them regularly to make sure they’re safe; and if not, by repairing them.

Portable Appliance Testing is the most recognised method for checking electrical appliances to make sure they are safe; the process commonly referred to as PAT Testing includes inspecting an appliance, testing it if necessary, and repairing it if repairs are required. This is a recognised method of preventative maintenance, and considered to be the best solution to maintaining safe equipment. 

On completion of the tests you will be provided with a PAT Testing Certificate, which provides useful records of each appliance tested, and results that you can compare.  

Equipment should then be inspected and tested again at regular intervals appropriate to the risks of the appliance and it’s use; this could range anywhere between monthly and 5 years dependent on the equipment. As an example, desktop computers in an office should be inspected after 2 years and tested after 4, whilst power tools on a construction site should be tested every 3 months. 

PAT Testing Newcastle upon Tyne

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