A selection of electrical appliances you may find in an office such as computer, laptop, TV, printer that will need PAT Testing

PAT Testing in Newcastle Upon Tyne and across the North East

We specialise in helping Newcastle businesses maintain safe electrical equipment through high quality Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) services. By working with us you will get everything you need to meet your Electrical Safety Obligations and comply with workplace regulations.

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PAT Testing Newcastle – DRA PAT Testing

PAT Testing Newcastle

  • We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and cover Tyne and Wear, and Northumberland
  • Our PAT Testing Certificates including everything you need to protect you and comply
  • We carry out repairs automatically and without charge, including replacement plugs
  • We guide you on how to maintain safety long term and remind you when retests are due
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Proudly supporting Tyneside’s businesses from our Newcastle upon Tyne office; we help our clients maintain safe electrical equipment through preventative maintenance and inspection and testing (PAT tests).

We are Tyneside’s biggest independent Portable Appliance Testing company with a team of 6, with over 30 years combined experience and we’ve been trading since 2009.

We provide simple solutions, high standards and affordable prices for inspection and testing of electrical equipment, and mains wiring electrical testing (EICR).

We are fully accredited by CHAS and members of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association (PATTA). Our engineers are fully qualified, competent in electrical safety and hold enhanced DBS.

We are a leading North East PAT Test company; the most reviewed on Google in the UK and we currently inspect over 200,000 electrical appliances every year.

If you need to arrange your appliance testing now you can book an appointment at a fixed price, get a personal PAT testing quote or contact us to discuss your situation.

What our clients say about us…

Based on 333 reviews
Excellent Service, Quick efficient and trustworthyWe would highly recommend- Pat tested Arthur's Pad Whitley BayThank you
Amazing service as always, very friendly and professional.Fast paced and very easy to communicate with and flexible options for bookings.Would recommend to any business!
DRA PAT Testing have run my organisations (Ways to Wellness) PAT tests for the last couple of years - they are lovely to work with and make the whole process easy. Today, Jane has been in to do our PAT Tests today and was lovely! She was very thorough and patient with us! Very happy 😊
Based on 333 reviews
Excellent Service, Quick efficient and trustworthyWe would highly recommend- Pat tested Arthur's Pad Whitley BayThank you

How we help businesses like yours in the North East

Thanks for considering us to do your PAT testing; we hope you will read enough here to get in touch so we can arrange to help you maintain safe electrical equipment so you comply with your health and safety obligations.

We’re a local PAT testing company; based in Wallsend, our primary working area is around Tyneside/Newcastle. We also cover the rest of Tyne and Wear, southern Northumberland areas, Seaham and other areas of Co Durham.

We take great pride in our work; we promise you that we will make your workplace safer. We do proper checks on your appliances to make sure they are safe, and if not we’ll make them safe. We do most repairs automatically, free of charge, and we provide you with a PAT Testing Certificate within just a few days of the job completing.

We work with over 1500 North East businesses and organisations and we want to work with you too. It is our aim to help other local businesses to understand what you need to do to comply with the Electricity at Work Act. We like to keep things simple, with minimal fuss. We have a clear pricing structure and there are no hidden charges.

Our professional testers have the necessary knowledge, experience, and equipment to perform thorough and accurate tests.

We can identify potential hazards that may go unnoticed and carry out necessary repairs.

We provide comprehensive reports on the safety of your electrical equipment; as required to comply with your legal obligations.

Outsourcing PAT testing allows you to focus on your core business activities while ensuring compliance with electrical safety regulations.

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Why do you need electrical equipment PAT Testing?

PAT Testing Helps you to Protect your Business

UK Health and Safety regulations require electrical appliances to be safe, and maintained to prevent harm to workers and other users. Manufacturers of equipment recommend their appliances are tested at regular intervals to ensure they continue to be safe.

How often an appliance should be tested is proportionate to the risk factors of it’s use; there are many variations taking into account appliance type, use, environment, etc.

Insurance providers prefer a business to get their electrical equipment tested every year, to minimise the risk of defects occurring, accidents happening and to prevent fire.

Experience has shown that 12 months is the maximum period you should consider, as we will often come across appliances that have deteriorated since we last checked them, although some appliances that never move may be ok to test less often – we work with our clients to manage this, so you’re not getting unnecessary testing carried out.

PAT is the abbreviation for Portable Appliance Testing, which is a process of inspection and testing carried out on electrical appliances fitted with a plug, that connects to the mains via a socket, from extra low voltage up to 400 volts.

Portable Appliance Testing is part of Electrical Equipment Testing, which includes appliances that have had the plug removed and been hard wired (fixed) to the mains via a fused spur unit. We can also do the Fixed Appliance Testing for you.

By getting your electrical equipment PAT tested by us you will be doing the right thing to ensure you comply with the regulations; we will check each appliance to make sure it is safe, carry out repairs if needed, recommend a suitable retest period and provide you with a PAT Testing Certificate Report.

Portable Appliance Testing

Portable appliances are portable from the mains by unplugging a plug from the socket. As the appliance has a plug it’ll also have flexible cable – if you can remove the plug from the socket with your hand, disconnecting it from the power – it’s portable.

These appliances fall under the remit of Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT testing as it is shortened too. These appliances need inspecting and testing on a regular basis, usually every year, as they are prone to damage and defect due to the nature of their use. It doesn’t matter what plug it has, and it doesn’t matter if you can move it by hand or not.

More information on Portable Appliance Testing.

Fixed Appliance Testing

Some portable appliances have been hard wired, this means their plug has been removed and the flexible cable wired directly into the mains, usually via fused spur unit on the socket circuit.

The appliance will often be secured to the wall or building. In this case, these fixed appliances will need testing but less often than a portable appliance, as the risk is lower as there is no risk of wires becoming dislodged in the plug. This applies to free standing cookers, water boilers and some integrated white goods. Some more movable appliances such as hair driers in hotels will still need annual checks.

More information on Fixed Appliance Testing.

PAT Testing Newcastle – Portable Appliance Testing

UK law (the Electricity at Work Regulations) require all electrical appliances to be maintained (so far as is reasonably practical) to prevent danger. The best way to do this is to get appliances inspected and tested (portable appliance testing). The inspection will flag up any need for repair (maintenance), which in most cases the engineer will carry out automatically which will reduce or eliminate the risk of accidents occurring, meaning you are complying with the law. The report provided by the testing company shows that your equipment is safe and has been maintained.

Equipment should be retested as often as is necessary to prevent danger occurring; this can be as often as 3-months for building site appliances, to annually in most cases or longer periods for certain appliances in low risk environments such as in offices, schools, hotels and shops (some appliances not all).

In the UK today most businesses and other organisations meet their legal obligations with a PAT regime.

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The inspection process must be thorough to find faults, and all appliances that present a risk through exposed conductive metal parts need testing to make sure they are safe to continue using. Both portable (with plugs) and fixed electrical equipment will be tested.

We provide a fully inclusive repair service where the plug or flexible cable will be repaired to ensure it passes the test; replacement ’13a’ plugs and fuses are supplied free of charge. Engineers are trained to identify and be able to remedy faults.

Our engineers provide on site advice and guidance to help you maintain safe electrical systems in your workplace, and we send every client a fully itemised PAT Testing Certificate Report which includes electrical readings to ensure your compliance.

Why do you need PAT Tests?

PAT testing is an essential process that helps to ensure the safety of electrical appliances. It involves a series of checks and tests to determine whether electrical equipment is safe to use. This includes visual inspections, earth continuity tests, insulation resistance tests, and more. The importance of PAT testing cannot be overstated, as it helps to identify potential faults or defects that could lead to electrical shock, fires, or other accidents. Regular PAT testing is crucial to maintaining the safety of electrical equipment and preventing potential hazards. It not only protects individuals from harm but also safeguards properties and reduces the risk of legal liability.

We’re Health and Safety accredited:

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Regular PAT Tests help you comply with:

✅ The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

✅ The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

✅ Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1989

✅ Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

We cover Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Co. Durham, North Yorkshire and other UK areas for our clients.