FAQs – Quick reference to frequently asked questions

FAQs – Quick reference to frequently asked questions2020-02-13T10:21:49+00:00

FAQs – Frequently asked questions about PAT Testing

What happens if the plug can’t be accessed?2019-12-06T17:04:19+00:00

When the plug can’t be accessed we can carry out an earth continuity test on the appliance, using the nearest socket or spur. 

If the appliance is wired directly into the mains, we can also test that, but there is a bit more involved in that process so see our page on Fixed Appliance Testing

Do users of our site need their equipment testing?2019-12-06T17:11:07+00:00

It is always recommended that the equipment of other users of your facility have their equipment tested – how do you know it is safe otherwise? If their equipment starts a fire will your insurers validate the claim? 

How often does electrical equipment need testing?2019-12-06T17:32:24+00:00

Electrical equipment should be tested inline with a risk assessment. 

Risk assessments should be carried out on the electrical equipment you use, to determine the most appropriate testing procedures. 

We have Server Systems we don’t want to turn off2019-12-06T17:32:48+00:00

We do not turn off or shut down server systems – it is up to you to do that. 

We recommend you make arrangements for your server to be shutdown to be tested either for this appointment, or we can arrange a more convenient out of hours solution. A server system should be tested at least once in five years. 

If the server can’t be turned off (or has been tested once in the last five years) we will carry out the best visual inspection we can on each part of the appliance. 

We may carry out a thermal survey on the server – we don’t provide you with images of this, unless excessive hot spots are detected

We don’t turn back on servers that have been turned off – its up to you to do that 

We have microwave ovens, can they be tested for leakage?2019-12-06T17:33:45+00:00

Yes; we do not do this as standard, but if you require microwave ovens testing, let us know.