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DRA PAT Testing Limited Current Price List, as at March 2018


Under normal conditions where all appliances are UK domestic plugs of BS1363 standard


Less than 30 items                                                                             £45.00

Then 31 to 200 items                                                                         £1.25 per item

201 items plus                                                                                     £1.00 per item

More than 300 items – contact us for a price

BS1363 type plugs supplied to replace defective plugs               £2.50 each

Unexpected industrial BS EN 60309 plugs to test                       £2.50 each


Estimates quoting for BS EN 60309 in industrial locations                               

Less than 50 items                                                                              £100.00

Then 51 plus items at                                                                         £1.50 per item

Supply and fit 110 v adaptors                                                            Price as required

We do not supply and fit three phase adaptors


The items charged for are the total combined number listed on the “Passes” report and on the “Fails” report at the rate quoted on the estimate


Alternate day rate available on request                                           £275.00 per engineer per day


Additional Charges only applicable on client request


Implementation of Risk-based testing (admin time)                          £45.00

Microwave oven emissions test                                                            £5.00 per oven

Microwave oven emissions, power & temperature tests                 £10.00 per oven