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PAT Testing Price Guide

What should PAT testing cost?

When it comes to ensuring electrical equipment is safe it should be less about the price and more about the quality of the work. Some defects can be found by a thorough visual inspection by an experienced competent person, whilst other faults can only be found by testing.

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We understand that you want a price; we do have standard prices but we also price for the jobs’ requirements, so if you can complete our online “PAT Testing quote” form we’ll respond with a price for the job you need doing.

We charge our rates based on the time we expect a job to take, rather than on a per item rate.

Our minimum charge for any invoice is £45.00 unless agreed otherwise; usually this covers the first 20 items, but has to be charged due to potential low earnings against high costs on smaller jobs.

  • We provide every client with a comprehensive PAT Testing Report
  • We do not charge to replace standard BS1363 plugs
  • We do not charge to replace standard fuses
  • We do not charge for standard repairs
  • We offer up to 30 days credit for invoices

PAT testing is the easiest and most recognised process to to satisfy the regulations and as such, almost every business has PAT testing carried out on a regular basis.

The reasons why are simply common sense; each appliance tested is recorded and labelled; any appliances that fail are recorded, provided with an advisory notice and or repaired. Everything that passes has a pass label applied.  Users then have the peace of mind that the appliance has been expertly tested and is certified as safe. Additionally, a certificate of PAT testing will be issued along with a report including the identification numbers of every appliance that has been tested.


Responsibility for safe electrical equipment

It is your responsibility to ensure that equipment provided for use at work is safe and maintained to safe standards. If an accident occurs businesses can get prosecuted for breaching health and safety so it is important to select your PAT tester carefully.

Going for the cheapest option can increase the likelihood of the job not being done correctly, risking more chance of accidents later.



All our costs are factored into the price we charge, including replacing standard plugs and fuses, and in-scope repairs; included is an initial fee to cover travel time, time walking around your site and waiting for users to close down and make equipment available and site inductions.



PAT testing is more than just price

PAT testing plays a key role in the electrical safety of workplaces and protecting others from the dangers of electricity.

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