Our prices are relatively straightforward; we keep them simple so there are no nasty surprises for you and for ease for us managing them.

When you contact us for a quote we’ll give you a price based on your requirements including:

  • Your location
  • The environment
  • The type of equipment
  • The number of items to test
  • The length of the job
  • The number of engineers we need on the job

In addition to that the following charges may apply:

£1.00 For every additional item (standard BS1363 domestic type plugs)
£2.00 For each industrial item (BSEN6039 plugs)*
£2.00 For each fixed or built-in appliance where the plug is not accessible or in use
£2.00 For Microwave Oven Emissions Tests (first one included)**
£2.00 Replacement BS1363 Plugs supplied & fitted
£0.00 Replacement BS1363 Fuses supplied & fitted (3 or 13amp)
 Day rates are available on request

*Industrial BS EN 6039 appliances are 16 amp and above, usually yellow, blue or red in colour and not the standard domestic type plug most people are used to. We charge more for these items as they take longer to inspect, require the use of specialist adaptors and usually mean we need to wear PPE on a site and are likely to get dirty doing the job.

**We test all microwave ovens to check the emissions levels leaking through the seals is not above the maximum allowed levels.

You should expect one engineer to complete between 150 and 250 tests in one day, dependent on the equipment and environment.

Included in the price quoted for every job is:

  1. The completion of the job, inspection and testing of each item, and labels applied
  2. Record including the appliance description and manufacturer
  3. PDF PAT Report and 12-month Certificate
  4. Minor repairs carried out
  5. BS1363 replacement fuses
  6. Engineers report & guidance to reduce risks

Risk Assessments and long-term managed programmes are available

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