When it comes to searching for a suitable PAT testing company they’re ten a penny. Most likely offer a similar service; they all do pretty much the same thing. 

Each PAT company sends an engineer to your workplace to test all your portable appliances, put some labels on and then later sends you a report. 

So what makes us any different? 

Despite what you may think not all PAT testing companies have the skills, knowledge, experience and high standards that we do; not all put quality above quantity – whilst most PAT companies expect their engineers to test 300-500 items every day we expect our engineers to test the appliances they have to test to be sure they are safe for continued use, and carry out any necessary repairs – we don’t put targets on a job, that may compromise your safety. 

We are founder members of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association, showing we take high working standards seriously. 

But what makes us really different to many other PAT companies is the following 7 benefits. 

7 Great benefits of our service

  • Free Repairs to the existing plug & flexible cable

  • Replacement plugs and fuses supplied free

  • Notification of faulty sockets

  • Guidance for maintaining safe appliances 

  • Itemised reports and PAT Testing Certificates

  • Timely reminders for re-tests

  • Thermal image checks for servers etc.

Let’s look at those 7 great benefits in more detail:

Repairs to the existing plug & flexible cable

If we come across a plug that is missing a terminal screw or the wiring isn’t quite neat enough, we repair it; if the flexible cable is damaged we cut it back to a safe place then (proving enough cable remains) re-fit the existing plug. 

Many companies wouldn’t do any of this – if they charge for the plug, or repairs, they’ll simply remove your plug and fit a new one; charging you for it. 

Supply of replacement plugs and fuses 

We do not charge you a penny when we supply replacement plugs and fuses; we don’t charge you so you know there was a genuine need to replace it. Companies that do charge to supply these parts, change lots, so they make more money, usually through vastly inflated prices. We don’t charge so only replace what needs replacing. 

Notification of faulty sockets 

If we come across a socket that has a wiring fault or is damaged we will tell you; it’s good practice to do that, and is helping you maintain a safe environment. We don’t charge you for it, like some do. 

Guidance for maintaining safe appliances

You are responsible for ensuring your appliances maintain safe working order, and you are expected to do risk assessments to determine what needs doing when, and how often, but you’re an expert at something else. We are experts at what do, so use that expertise to guide you – we’ll give you our recommendations for actions for maintaining safe equipment, long term. 

We work with many of our clients long term, not necessarily every year, because we have given them good advice so they trust us. 

Itemised report and PAT testing Certificate

When you get your PAT report you want it to look professional, not hand-written, and you want the information on it to be clear, concise and not too complicated. Our reports give you everything you need to know, and they are broken down to the locations of your site, for example 8 items in the office, 10 items in the kitchen, 3 items in the meeting room, etc. Each item on the report has a number, which relates to the number on the label which is now on the appliance. It’s very easy to cross check if you want to. 

The report also shows recommended re-test dates, and we include a PAT Testing certificate that you can display on your Health and Safety board.

Timely reminders when re-tests are due

What’s worse than getting the PAT done then having to chase the PAT company again next time for them to come back, or worse still, for you to have to hunt the internet for a new supplier. To save you all that hassle we will take over managing your PAT testing for you, so you can forget about it. 

When it’s approaching the time for the next tests, we’ll contact you, by email, so it’s less intrusive, suggesting a date when we will come to do the work. All you need to do is make sure it is convenient and accept it; if not, we’ll find a better time. 

Thermal image checks of servers

So if you have a server system that you don’t want turning off, the generic method is for the PAT engineer to look at what he can see, and put a sticker on each part. Before you know it you’ve been charged £50 for 50 stickers. If you really can’t turn off your servers we’ll check them for hot-spots using a thermal camera; so even though we can’t shut it down to test properly, we at least know it is not at risk of overheating. 

If these 7 great benefits appeal to you get in touch with us today for a PAT testing quote

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