Benefits of PAT Testing

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What are the benefits of PAT testing?

Getting your appliances tested has many benefits, the biggest one being ‘saving lives’. Electrical appliances carry electricity from the mains power supply via the plug and flexible cable into the appliance, which makes it work so you can use it.

  • If there is a fault somewhere in that route there is a probability that that is going to lead to an accident, possibly a shock to the user, referred to as an ‘electric shock’.
  • If that shock proves to be fatal then the person will have been electrocuted.
  • If the person is electrocuted then they are dead; and that will not be a pleasant way to die.
  • Users of electrical equipment often do so without even considering the consequences of touching a faulty appliance, but when they do the results are shocking.
  • Good maintenance can make sure appliances don’t get into a state of poor repair.
  • Portable appliance testing will check the full length of the appliance to the plug for any faults and from which they will be dealt with.
  • Thus removing the risk of an electric shock.

This is the biggest benefit of PAT testing.

Most people don’t understand the reasons why PAT gets done, and for their part they won’t appreciate the benefit of PAT testing until it’s too late.

PAT testing is important, despite what some people seem to think; PAT testing finds faults in electrical appliances that may otherwise not be detected until after they have killed someone or destroyed a business’s property through fire.

PAT testing is carried out on electrical appliances, just like the an inspection is carried out on the wiring installation – both are important, for similar reasons – a fault leads to electric shock; which you don’t want.

In worse case scenarios, that electric shock becomes electrocution. If you get electrocuted you die, and what makes it worse is, your death will be a very painful one.

The Benefits of PAT testing – reducing the risk

Portable appliance testing; when correctly performed will reduce and all but eliminate the risk of electrocution and/or fire which is a benefit of pat testing. There can’t ever be a 100% guarantee but compared with doing nothing at all the chances of ensuring safety are dramatically increased – How much would your business lose if it was affected by fire? When we say there can’t be a 100% guarantee, it’s because we can’t stop an appliance being damaged after we test it, but at the time of testing we do guarantee its safety.

The benefits of PAT Testing – it reduces the chance of accidents

Accidents as a result of faulty electrics are 20 times more likely to kill their victim than any other type of accident – PAT Testing finds faults that lead to electrocution; and removes them.

The benefits of PAT testing – it helps you comply with the law

  • The Electricity at Work Regulations (EAW)
  • Provisions & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)
  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations
  • Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations

The benefits of PAT testing – it helps to protect the insurance

Insurance companies expect you to comply with Health and Safety; if you’re not maintaining your electrical appliances to a satisfactory level, and can’t prove your appliances are safe – your insurer may deem you policy as void. This is a benefit of PAT testing.

When a claim is made in regard to any electrical accident involving portable appliances without the appropriate PAT Testing Certificate, Insurance companies may decline any claim.

Most insurance companies expect you to get electrical appliances checked annually.