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Thanks for your enquiry

Hello, thank you for your enquiry

I am Richard Ayre, the owner of the company. I will likely have your message now, and will get back to you as soon as I can; even if it is just to let you know I got the message.

I started DRA PAT Testing in 2009, so have been doing this over 10 years now. I have built up a good reputation and also head up the national Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association, so must be doing something right! I consider myself to be an expert in electrical safety in low risk environments, but have the capability to work almost anywhere.

I run the business, do all the admin and deal with all enquiries so you will speak to me all the way through the process. I have some excellent people working for me who do PAT testing and other electrical inspections РI also do a lot that work myself too so when it comes to the job it could be me or one of them but either way you are going to get a brilliant service and peace of mind that your electrical systems are safe. 

You have requested a quote which is brilliant; if I can send you a price now I will, but I may need some more information so will contact you if I do, by phone if you gave me it (my number is 07897240878) or email.

If I feel it necessary I may suggest I visit you to do a site survey either after the quote or before the job if you book us; a survey is the best way for you to get a fixed price for the job and an understanding of what will be involved – if we do a little bit of prior planning we can minimise disruption to your business.

When we do quote you remember this: we carry out repairs to the existing plug and flexible cable automatically whilst inspecting it; we replace faulty plugs and incorrect fuses and we do all that free of charge. Our prices are competitive, affordable and worth it; we may not always be the cheapest but we guarantee the service we provide is the best – we don’t cut corners, we don’t rush at silly speeds but we provide a quality, efficient service every time. If you happen to get a price lower than ours for a service that is as good, let us see it and we may be able to match it or even beat it… you just never know!¬†

I look forward to speaking to you and hopefully we will be able to do some work for you soon. 

Until then, take care

Richard Ayre, owner of DRA PAT Testing and specialist PAT testing engineer