Is PAT testing a legal requirement in the UK?

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Whilst there is no definitive legal requirement to specifically carry out PAT, there are legal requirements to maintain safe electrical equipment, and to prove you do that. A PAT Test Certificate is the most recognised method for doing this.

Do you remind us when our next tests are due?

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Yes we do. Every month we send reminders out by email to every client who's PAT is expiring in the next 8-12 weeks. We'll offer a date to come in to do the work, all you need to do is accept it or suggest a different date.

How often do we need PAT testing?

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How often do we need PAT testing? This is the hardest question to answer; answered more easily when we see the job, or after. PAT testing frequency causes many arguments and discussions but ultimately it comes down to this - how big the risk of the appliance getting damaged or used incorrectly, is?  If the appliance could get easily damaged, then it will need testing more often than something that won't get much damage. For example, a computer on a desk in an office, probably won't get moved for a few years, so what's the chances of it developing [...]

An appliance has been missed on the PAT test visit

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If something has been missed, let us know so we can come back to test it. When tested we will add it to the report. If the mistake was ours, we will do this without charge. If we get there and find it was tested, and is labelled, you will be charged the attendance fee. If it got missed because it wasn't on site, or was hidden in a cupboard or drawer for example, then a new attendance fee will be charged plus the price per item

How do we pay the invoice?

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Within a few days of the job we will send your invoice; this may come before or after the report. The invoice should be paid on receipt, although we do give up to 30 days automatic credit. Invoices can be paid by BACS (bank transfer), cash, or by card via PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account). Sorry but we do not accept cheques.

How quickly can we get the PAT Certificate?

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You can get it the same day if that's when you need it. In most cases we send the PAT Certificate within a few days; we do say we'll get it to every client in 5 days but in particularly busy periods it may take a little longer, but we do keep you updated. If you need the report faster, like the same day, that can be arranged, but we will need you to pay the engineer before he leaves site.

We have some ‘fixed’ appliances, can you test them?

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Appliances that have been fixed to the mains are different, but we can still help you. If you have a portable appliance (has a plug on) but remove the plug to hard wire it to the mains, usually via a fused spur unit, it will need testing. When we are doing the PAT, we will check it for earth continuity, but not insulation. To do an insulation test we need to isolate the power (turn it off) and remove the appliance's wiring - this is going to cause a lot of disruption to you, so may need doing out [...]

What if something needs repairing?

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If something needs repairing, we'll try to do it. In-scope remedial work for PAT includes: Repairing or replacing the existing plug Replacing the existing fuse Repairing the existing flexible cable Basic repairs to the appliance If anything else needs doing like replacing the full lead, or specialist repairs to the appliance additional work is needed. We may be able to replace the full lead but we will quote you for that work; and if the appliance needs specialist repair you'll need to organise that. If an appliance needs repair, it will fail our tests - you will need to [...]

What about the server?

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The server is the problem... to test a server, it's like any other appliance; it needs unplugging. But that isn't always possible; you could arrange for it to be done outside working hours, or you could do what everyone else does, and get it visually inspected. A visual inspection on something still plugged in is very basic, but sometimes is the best that can be done. However, this should not be done every time for years and years; at some point the server will need shutting down for a proper test. Usually this should be every 5 years from [...]

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