PAT Testing Frequency – how often is PAT testing needed?

PAT Testing Frequency – how often is PAT testing needed?2019-04-03T14:47:57+00:00
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How often do we need testing done? 

To comply with health and safety fully appliances need checking by the user before they are used (called a User check), then visually inspected by a competent person at regular intervals, and then less often, inspected and tested by a more competent person, such as a PAT engineer/PAT testing company. 

In most places this doesn’t happen; some people do check an appliance before the use it, often without even realising, but its very rare to find a business with someone trained to do visual inspections, and even rarer for them to actually do it and keep records. Most companies do get a PAT company in to do their PAT testing on a regular basis, but many aren’t doing it in the way the HSE would like. 

Most people get PAT testing done every year, when in reality, that is rarely required. 

As stated above, the health and safety wants you to inspect and test equipment periodically, and get inspections done slightly more often; in an office for example, inspections and tests by a contractor should be carried out every 4-5 years on computers, printers etc. with formal visual inspections by a trained in-house person every 2 years. 

But, as few companies have an in-house person, someone needs to be brought in to do the inspections after 2 years, which usually would fall to your PAT supplier. 

So, we would visit your office to inspect and or test your equipment, every 2 years; this could be a test, then an inspection then another test, or a test every time depending on your preference. 

This pat testing frequency complies with the HSE, and is the same for office environments / office equipment in all kinds of workplaces such as hotels, factories, schools, shops etc. 

There are other frequencies to take into account, based on associated risks in different environments, but you don’t need to worry about that too much. Yes, you are responsible for the health and safety at your work, but by working with us, you are appointing people who can advise you on the best course of action for your equipment. 

  • User checks – should be carried out by the user of an appliance before the appliance is switched on, and any issues should be reported, to be corrected before continued use

  • Formal visual inspections – should be carried out in-house by a trained competent person on equipment, at regular intervals, in keeping with the recommended frequencies from the IET and or HSE

  • Combined inspection and testing – should be carried out by a competent contractor with the skills to use a PAT testing machine to carry out detailed tests to check the internal workings of the appliance, following a thorough inspection of the appliance parts.

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