What is a Portable Appliance?

A portable appliance is an item that can be moved and unplugged from the mains power supply. A portable appliance includes computers, power tools, hair driers, kettles, washing machines, welding sets etc.

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What does the PAT Testing Certificate include?

The PAT Testing Certificate Report we issue includes everything you need to support you should you ever find yourself under investigation. Most providers do not supply you with electrical test results - without them, the report would not be accepted in a legal dispute. Our reports clearly show the [...]

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How often do I need to get PAT testing done?

How often you need to get PAT testing done depends on numerous factors, including: Your own risk assessment - a risk assessment will help you determine what needs to be done to maintain safe equipment A fire prevention risk assessment - will assess what needs doing to prevent fires [...]

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What is Electrical Equipment Testing?

Electrical Equipment Testing is often confused as the new name for PAT testing; it's shocking how many companies have got this wrong. Electrical equipment testing hasn't replaced PAT Testing; it's always been there. When we talk about electrical equipment, we are referring to all types of electrical equipment, whether [...]

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What is PAT testing?

PAT Testing, aka Portable appliance testing is the term we use to describe a safety check carried out on electrical equipment to make sure they are safe to use. As part of this inspection we carry out a visual examination, done by a competent engineer, who will find most [...]

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