Fixed wire testing of main fuse board

Fixed wiring test using a Megger Multi Function Tester

When you want a quote for fixed wiring inspections (PIR / EICR etc) you’ll be asked how many circuits you have, but if checking how many circuits you have totally baffles you then this article will prove useful.

If you contact us for a quote the first question we’re going to ask is how many circuits you have, and whether they’re single phase, two pole or three phase.

So here it is, the easy way to work out how many circuits you have.

Take a photo and send it to us, or

Go to your fuse board, wherever it is. If you’re in a house it could be anywhere but popular places are under the stairs.

Do you have more than one board? If so, you’re going to have to do this at both boards.

If you flip over the cover on the board, you’ll see a row of black switches, some may be joined together. If 2 are joined together, they are ‘two pole’, if three are then they are ‘three phase’ and the rest are ‘single phase’.

If none are joined together that keeps things easy.

Count up how many switches for each type there are and put that in the message box of the form below – keep the info for each board separate.

Are any of the switches marked ‘RCD’? If so tell us how many of those there are.

Finally tell us some information about your premises:

  • If it’s a workplace – what is it? Factory, hotel, office etc.
  • If it’s your home – how many bedrooms, how many rooms is there.

Give us as much information as possible and we’ll give you a quote for the work; we’ll also be able to tell you how long the job will take. In extreme circumstances we may have to come for a quick look first.