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Get a PAT Testing Quote

Need PAT Testing for CQC inspection?

We provide PAT Testing of doctors surgeries, dentists, etc. Contact us to get a PAT Testing quote or to discuss your requirements

Medical centres such as doctors and dental surgeries are required to have up to date PAT Testing certificates for their CQC inspections, however, there may be less need to have annual tests than you think. 

In fact some if not most of your equipment may not need testing every year, and we can help you work out where you can reduce unnecessary tests to save money whilst staying compliant with the CQC and HSE. 

Guidance on the PAT Testing requirements of the CQC

The CQC inspects medical facilities and one thing they look for is up to date PAT testing records; we can provide that. Whether you operate a care home, dentist, vets, doctors surgery, pharmacy etc we can help you. We’ll check your appliances are safe and provide you with documentation to satisfy your next inspection. We may even be able to reduce the frequency of your current testing programme. 

The DRA PAT Testing guarantee for you

If you talk to us about your PAT Testing needs we guarantee that we will help find the best solution for your needs; we will work with you or for you, whichever you require. We guarantee that we will do everything we can to ensure your electrical equipment is safe and maintains safe standards for continued use. We also guarantee that the price we charge will be the best price for the service you’re going to get. Contact me now by:

Richard Ayre, PAT Testing expert
DRA PAT Testing - there's no shocks with us (strapline)