DJ playing music mobile disco pat testing

If you own a mobile disco or are planning to start up a mobile business then it is recommended you get PAT testing done sooner rather than later. The vast majority of venue’s you go to will require your equipment to have been tested in order to protect their own insurance, and also out of matter of fact that they don’t want dangerous appliances being used on their premises.

Mobile disco equipment gets moved around a lot, as you know and there is a high chance of damage occuring which is why you need to get it check at least once a year. We have a number of disco companies as clients including the Disco Co and CK Entertainments.

“Entertainers have been injured and even killed from electric shocks while performing or practising. Make sure your next performance is not your last” (Health and Safety Executive)

Mobile Disco PAT Testing Needs

Any electrical appliance which is moved from one location to another can be damaged; so it is vital you check your equipment, before you use it, every time – you are responsible for your own equipment so check it’s not getting damaged.

Regular Portable appliance testing may be appropriate; especially if you’re unsure of your own competence to check your equipment. Mobile disco PAT testing will find faults that you’ll never see when you do a visual inspection; such as a missing earth. Tests should be carried out as regular as you deem necessary.

It is good practice to keep a record of the tests that have been done – we provide you with PAT testing certificates that do this for you.

For further information, see this HSE document Electrical Safety for Entertainers.