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Do you need your rental property PAT Testing?

If you rent out property that someone else lives in (tenant) then you need to be sure the appliances you provide are safe to use; to do that they are going to need regular inspections and PAT testing. On completion you are provided with a PAT Testing Certificate Report.

PAT Testing for Landlords

Ensuring electrical appliances provided as part of a rental agreement are safe is essential

Portable Appliance Tests (PAT test) of electrical appliances provided by a landlord in rental properties can be completed by our PAT Testing experts anywhere in the North East. Along with free repairs, and regular inspections we can help landlords ensure their electrical appliances are safe for continued use.

For any landlord renting out property in the UK, one of their most important legal obligations is making sure the property is safe – a faulty electrical appliance is dangerous! Health and Safety regulations require electrical equipment to be safe so it does not cause harm to the tenant.

How often should a landlord PAT test?

To best comply with their legal obligations a landlord should PAT test the electrical appliances supplied at the start of each new tenancy, then further inspect them at regular intervals proportionate to the risk, although there is currently no fixed rule on this. 

What does a Landlord PAT test cost?

A standard landlords PAT test costs £45.00 + vat, wherever the property is in the North East (South/East Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Co. Durham). For North and West Northumberland there may be a fee added for travel time. If the property is located within North Tyneside the fee will be discounted to £35.00. This cost is based on up to 25 items in the property. If there are more they would be charged for at £1.00 each. The fee includes all remedial repairs.

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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

£54.00 including VAT

Electrical Installation Condition Report

£199.00 including VAT

We can arrange for your EICR to be carried out too, although as they are done by different engineers it is not always possible to do them both at the same time. In most cases the PAT will take a few minutes to half an hour dependent on the number of appliances (we’ll need to know what appliances you provide), and the EICR will take a couple of hours. More information on the Electrical Installation Certificate Report for Landlords is available here.

The Portable Appliance test (PAT Test) for landlord rental property appliances will be carried out by our PAT Testing experts to ensure the electrical appliances you provide with the tenancy are safe to use. The fixed price is £45.00 plus VAT per property. If you have less than 10 items in the property, and the property is in North Tyneside we will discount the price to £35.00 plus vat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge more for HMO PAT Testing?

Arranging HMO PAT testing is no different to any other rental property, unless you supply equipment in bedrooms. In normal rentals its usually only communal appliances that are provided but in an HMO there are sometimes things like wall mounted televisions. If that is you then we’re going to need access to every room.

What it costs for HMO PAT testing depends on how many appliances are needed, if they are in bedrooms and what the access situation is.

Is PAT testing a legal requirement for landlords?

The Housing Act 2004 (England and Wales) includes the requirement for a risk assessment for residential rental properties. This requires an assessment of all potential hazards that may be present in a residential property, and ‘to provide a safe and healthy environment for any potential occupiers or visitors’. From an electrical perspective this includes the electrical installation and equipment provided in the property. The condition of associated leads and plugs of equipment should also be taken into account in the assessment, if they are provided as part of the rental property.

Guidance from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) indicates that when accommodation is re-let, the electrical equipment will be classed as being supplied to that tenant for the first time and should therefore be rechecked.

So, before the start of each new let of a residential property the electrical equipment supplied with it (e.g., fridge, washing machine, kettle, TV, etc.) should be PAT tested.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016 require electrical equipment to be safe when first supplied, e.g. it should carry a genuine “CE” mark. This means it satisfies European safety requirements and so when new, will be safe to use.

These regulations also apply if equipment is supplied as part of a hire agreement, sold second hand and if supplied in the course of business, thus including the safety of electrical equipment that is supplied as part of furnished accommodation (treated as hired/leased).  

The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 is important for companies that hire or supply equipment as part of a contract for good and services. Within a hire agreement, goods supplied under the contract must be electrically safe for use.

Newcastle City Council says it is a legal requirement that Newcastle Landlords have a property license; the compliance guidance for licensing (March 2020) stipulates that:

  • All electrical appliances are tested on an annual basis and at the commencement of each tenancy.
  • A Portable Appliance Test (PAT) Certificate should be provided to verify this.

The licence holder must ensure that all portable electrical appliances i.e. those items supplied by a plug e.g. kettles, toasters, washing machines, fridges etc provided by the landlord are in a safe condition.

Read the Property Licensing guide to compliance here

The guidance also requires the landlord to provide satisfactory periodic inspection reports for the electrical installation of the property for the license application; the “EICR” should be repeated every 5 years.

References from Landlord clients


Always had excellent service from Richard, he’s looked after our rental properties for years now, and always turns up on time and does a great job. Highly recommend him!

Landlord of multiple properties, Newcastle


We manage over 100 rental properties in Newcastle upon Tyne; DRA PAT testing have managed the appliances in them for years now and always do a great job. We trust them with keys and feedback from tenants is always really good. 

Lettings Agency, Newcastle 


Searched high and low for a professional pat testing engineer that would not let me down.
First pat testing carried out, nothing was too much bother, repaired damaged wire (cut and new plug) at no extra cost. He is certainly on my list and will use him for all my pat testing in future

Landlord, Gateshead

Kitchen appliances often found in a rental property that will need pat testing for landlords

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