Landlord pat testing

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Landlord PAT testing

landlords pat testing | pat testing for landlords

PAT testing for Landlords

We provide a premier landlord PAT testing service for rental properties throughout the North East of England. PAT testing for landlords is essential to ensure electrical appliances provided within a rental agreement are safe for use, and continue to be safe so as not to present risk to tenants and the building itself. 

We always recommend a landlord who requires pat testing in rental properties gets in touch to discuss their requirements as it’s not always the same service that is needed. For example, some landlords just want the portable appliances tested, whereas others also need integrated appliances testing.¬†

UK electric plug commonly found on portable appliances | landlord pat testing

Portable Appliances 

Portable appliances have plugs on; like the one pictured. In rental property they generally include small kitchen appliances like toasters and kettles, and depending on how well furnished the property is, they could be on lamps, televisions, etc. You know where they are, we all have loads of these in our homes.

A standard landlords PAT testing service usually includes testing and maintaining appliances with plugs.

When you require just this service we can do it for a standard rate of just ¬£30.00 including up to 5 items if you’re within Newcastle upon Tyne and Tyneside, or ¬£35.00 elsewhere. Additional items are added on for just ¬£1.00 each. ¬† ¬†

When we do this, we also will test integrated appliances permanently attached to the mains via a fused spur, for earth continuity. 

fused spur for fixed appliances testing | pat testing for landlords

Fixed appliances

Some appliances in rental property (and others) are wired directly into the mains via a fused spur, and this is where it gets a little bit more complicated. You see, these appliances also need testing but are often forgotten about. They can include cookers, showers etc. 

We will do an earth continuity test on appliances when doing the PAT testing, as above, but if you want a full ‘fixed appliance test‘ that enhances the job a lot – it’s a time consuming complicated process that requires the power to be turned off, the spur cover to be removed, the appliance wires removing and a test carrying out. This is not a quick process unfortunately. If you want this doing we need to know in advance as specialist equipment that we don’t always carry is required, and we will charge based on the time it takes to do it, pro-rata against our standard hourly rate.¬†

landlord electrical testing eicr being carried out by electrician

Fixed wiring

In addition to appliances, the mains wiring of a property also requires periodic tests to make sure the wiring is in good condition.

It is recommended that Landlords obtain an Landlords electrical safety certificate also referred to as the Electrical Installation Condition Report (or EICR) to show that their electrical installation is safe. 

Landlords electrical test certificates would cover the main electrical wiring installation. 

Landlord PAT testing – about our service

Landlord PAT Testing: Electrical appliances provided by a landlord as part of a tenancy agreement must maintain safety standards for continued use; the best method for ensuring this to be the case is regular portable appliance testing. 

The service we offer, includes testing not only the appliances fitted with a plug but those where the plug cannot be accessed, such as washing machines, using a method called Point to Point testing. 

We do this because landlords get concerned of damage to flooring from having to pull white goods out from under benches etc. 

In addition to this we also check washing machines, tumble driers and dishwashers against the latest product recall notices, although we do recommend that you register all appliances you provide with a property, so that if any are recalled, you are notified promptly. 

If you want to know what state the property is in, whether the tenant is looking after it, we’re also perfect for that, as tenants tend not to tidy up for us so we see it how it normally is.¬†

Additionally we can check smoke alarms for you if you need them doing, and can recommend suppliers for fire extinguishers etc. 

If the property is an HMO then you’re going to need regular check ups for your license.¬†

If this service is of interest to you get in touch with us for a PAT testing quote or to discuss your requirements, from which we can provide you with a suitable price. Our PAT testing for landlords service covers Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Co. Durham including residential lets, students, holiday homes, caravans, etc. 

What is the recommended PAT testing frequency for Landlords?

We recommend that appliances are tested whenever there is a change in tenant or before the tenant moves in. We will inspect every appliance you provide and where necessary carry out repairs to the flexible cable, plugs and fuses etc.

Then ideally retests should happen every 12 months to keep on top of things, or if you prefer whenever there is a change in tenant, whether sooner or later.

PAT testing for Landlords – the regulations

Landlords are required by law to:

  • ensure that the electrical installation in a rented property is safe when tenants move in and maintained in a safe condition throughout its duration (including appliances)
  • ensure that a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) has a¬†periodic inspection carried out on the property every five years.¬†
  • ensure that any appliances provided are safe and have CE marking¬†

To meet these requirements landlords will need to carry out regular safety checks to ensure the electrical installation and appliances are safe and working.

Any person who lets a residential accommodation (such as houses, flats, bedsits, etc) as a business is lawfully required to ensure the equipment supplied as part of the tenancy is safe to use.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 requires all electrical equipment (cookers, washing machines, fridges, toasters etc) no matter whether they are new or old, that are supplied with the accommodation to be safe to use.

Landlords need to regularly maintain this electrical equipment to ensure it remains safe Рregular PAT testing is great way to complete this requirement. 

Get independent advice on electrical safety requirements for landlords from Electrical Safety First

What is the cost of PAT testing for landlords?

The cost of PAT testing for landlords depends on two important factors:

  • How many appliances you provide with the property, and¬†
  • Where the property is located

If the property is located within Newcastle upon Tyne and or North Tyneside we charge:

  • ¬£30.00 per property including the first 5 items to test, then any additional items at ¬£1.00 each

If the property is located elsewhere in the North East, then we charge:

  • ¬£35.00 per property including the first 5 items to test, then ¬£1.00 per additional item

PAT Testing for Landlords

Safety Notice

PAT Testing for landlords: this dishwasher had been recalled but the landlord wasn't aware

The dishwasher in this picture was a recalled by manufacturer; it was in a property owned by a landlord, rented out. The landlord was not aware that the dishwasher had been recalled and before this incident we had done no work for this landlord.

Luckily the tenant was at home when this happened, and was able to put out the fire; otherwise the situation could have been much worse. 

Don’t take chances with your property or tenants – register all appliances you provide.¬†

Areas we cover when PAT Testing Rented Property

We carry out PAT testing in rented property for landlords and agents in all areas of Newcastle upon Tyne, and Tyneside areas, plus some other bordering areas. Please note we charge a fixed rate per property, discounted based on block bookings. 

For further, impartial advice find information for Landlords on the Landlord Zone website

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