Northumberland PAT Testing – Specialist providers of portable appliance testing (PAT) in Northumberland

Northumberland PAT Testing – Specialist providers of portable appliance testing (PAT) in Northumberland2019-06-18T05:46:21+00:00
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Portable Appliance Testing in Northumberland

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PAT Testing of your portable electrical appliances is what we specialise in. We, DRA PAT Testing Limited are experts in portable appliance testing in offices, schools, shops, salons, doctors surgeries etc. 

We come to your workplace or home to inspect and test equipment to make sure it is safe for use, and being used safely. 

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We provide a bespoke to you, risk based PAT testing service, unique to your circumstances. The service we provide is different to most of our competitors as we don’t insist on annual retests; which is something that makes us unique, and the reason why our clients tend to stay with us long term.

The law makes you responsible for ensuring electrical equipment is safe and leaves it up to you to do risk assessments to determine what needs doing and how often, but we understand that you are unlikely to have the necessary knowledge to do that, so we do it for you. 

Automatically we assess the risks associated with the portable appliances you’re using, and the environment they are being used in and recommend the most appropriate frequencies for retests. See our PAT testing Frequency page for more information. 

We also manage the retest periods for you, and adjust them as necessary. We keep you informed and remind you with plenty of time when due dates are approaching. We also provide advice on how you could improve electrical safety. 

Furthermore, if we find damaged sockets we report them to you – other companies charge you to do this. We also check your fixed wiring inspections are up to date, and if not, can manage this for you too. 

We provide every client with a comprehensive PAT Testing Report including certificate, listing all appliances tested and their results. 

All our work includes

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  • IET standard Inspection and testing of each appliance 

  • Thermal images taken for equipment in use (e.g. servers)

  • Free minor repairs such as changing fuses, or repairing the existing cable

  • Each item given a unique identification number that refers to the report provided

  • Results provided in industry leading report documentation

  • Certificates provided promptly

  • Guidance for failed appliances or for improving electrical safety

  • Risk assessments carried out to determine best retest periods

  • All work done to PATTA professional standards

  • HSE recommended PAT testing frequencies

Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

PAT testing Northumberland and across the North East

We’re based in North Tyneside with easy links to all of Northumberland. We know it’s not always easy to arrange service industries to come to some Northumberland locations but we are happy to enjoy a nice drive into the beautiful countryside. We do work for the National Trust among others in the area and regularly drive up to Kielder, Alnwick and Morpeth. We also have clients in Hexham. 

If you need PAT Testing done in Northumberland get in touch and we’ll be able to help you. 

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