PAT Testing Salons and shops

PAT Testing Salons and shops2019-08-10T20:21:16+00:00
Silver hairdryer electrical appliance blowing a ladies hair across her face whilst she wears a bathrobe

DRA PAT Testing provide PAT Testing for hair and beauty salons, shops etc. to help their owners comply with health and safety regulations, helping to keep staff and customers safe. 

Hair salons, shops, cafe’s etc. all have a heightened risk as there is a chance water is going to come into contact with electrical equipment so you need to make sure that equipment maintains safe standards; for example, hairdryers and wet-hands, curlers and wet hair, toasters getting too close to the sink. 

Water, being a conductor of electricity, poses a significant risk. 

A defective appliance that comes into contact with water, presents a real risk of giving a user an electric shock. 

So ensuring appliances maintain safe standards is essential. 

Getting periodic portable appliance testing carried out is the recommended method for ensuring equipment is maintained; we’ll carry out any necessary repairs and recommend ways to improve safety measures. 

Contact us to discuss your PAT testing needs or to arrange to have your electrical equipment tested. 

Wherever you are located in the North East we will come to you to test your appliances