PAT Testing Wallsend – Welcome to DRA PAT Testing – Call for a quote 0191 6661009

PAT Testing Wallsend – Welcome to DRA PAT Testing – Call for a quote 0191 66610092020-02-20T20:40:13+00:00
pat testing Wallsend

PAT Testing Wallsend

Richard Ayre of dra pat testing doing pat testing in an office in Wallsend
Wallsend chamber of commerce

“Hi, I am Richard… I live in Wallsend and run my company from here, I am also a member of the Wallsend Chamber. Buying from local companies is important to me, so if you use us for your PAT testing I’ll offer you a special discount.”

PAT testing in Wallsend; being a Wallsend based business promoting Wallsend is important to us. We work with a number of local companies and want to work with more. If we can help you in return be it by promoting your business on social media or recommending you to other clients we will do that. 

Want to know something important about PAT testing – if you choose a PAT tester because they’re cheap, they’re going to send an engineer who will earn a lot less than you’re paying them. So that engineer is going to work as fast as he can to complete the job in as short a time as possible. This means there is no personal service to you; there is a good chance they will cut a lot of corners and miss potential issues. If that leads to an accident, an investigation would find you not them, responsible for their mistakes because not only are you responsible for health and safety in your workplace you are also expected to do due diligence when choosing contractors. 

We may charge a bit more but you get a much better service, not rushed, you get to know us long term and you get peace of mind that you won’t get elsewhere. We really are the best PAT testers in Wallsend. 

“Over 150 units PAT tested within 4hours helping use get our engineers back on the road as soon as possible.”

Koziwarm based in Battlehill, Wallsend are a central heating engineers who we do work for every year – we test their office and their engineers tools. The job usually means us going in very early in the morning so we can get the engineers out on the road as quickly as possible. 

Koziwarm logo Wallsend
do your plugs look like this?

Complimentary Cable Management

Do your plugs look like this?

Messy cables, especially messy hanging cables, can lead to problems later on. If your cables look a bit like this, then you will benefit from our cable management service… which is complimentary. We tidy your cables and plugs whilst doing the PAT testing to make your internal systems more efficient and the wiring tidier. 

Do I really need my electrical equipment PAT testing?

If you have a fire at your workplace, or your equipment starts a fire at someone else’s, the insurance company is going to ask if you maintained its safety. A PAT testing certificate will show that you did. 

If you provide equipment for use by others at work, in rental properties, in hotel rooms, etc. you need to not only be sure they are safe, but that they are continuously maintained to stay safe – PAT testing does this. 

What we commonly call PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing, is actually part of “Inspection and Testing” of electrical systems which covers the wiring and appliances in use in a workplace. 

All electrical appliances need inspecting and testing regularly to make sure they are safe to continue using; this includes appliances fitted with a plug or industrial adaptor, and those that are hard wired to the main electrical wiring of the building. 

Periodic testing of your electrical appliances should be an essential part of any company’s health and safety policy.