Free Repairs

We do free repairs, for example; if you have a damaged or defective plug or fuse we will replace it, free of charge; if the cable is cut we’ll cut it back to a safe location and re-attach the plug. We don’t charge to do this. Please note this applies to standard 13-amp plugs only, like the one pictured. 

Some companies will charge as much as five pounds to replace a standard 13-amp plug; we don’t charge anything.

Some companies charge one pound for every fuse they replace! We don’t charge a penny.

The companies that charge to replace a plug tend to find faults that aren’t there, just to be able to charge you; we don’t do that. Because we don’t charge, you know that a replacement is necessary. 

If we come across the need to repair the existing plug, replace the plug, replace a fuse, or repair a damaged cable we do so automatically without any further charges being incurred by you – for free. 

  • Free repairs to the existing plug
  • Free replacement plugs (standard BS1363 type)
  • Free replacement fuses (3amp, 5amp, 13amp)
  • Free repairs to the existing cable and plug refitted/new supplied
  • In-scope repairs to the existing appliance such as tightening of screws and reattaching safety guards 
Broken fan heater plug needs free repairs
Free repairs including replacement plugs and fuses like these in the picture

Free repairs – Plugs Supplied and Fitted

Plugs get damaged, that’s a fact of life – they’re built well, they’re robust (usually, when genuine) but now and again they get damaged – the plastic casing breaks which is why a lot of manufacturers have moved over to sealed rubber plugs; or the pins get bent. 

When this happens the plug needs replacing; we replace plugs for free. 

A plug costs us about 50p; we replace on average one for each job, so is there really any point charging for it? Not really. Some of those 50p per item companies though; they’ll charge you up to five pounds for a plug.

If we spot a damaged plug during the visual inspection we will replace it free of charge – free repairs.

If however the plug can be repaired; we’ll repair it. Repairs including rewiring because some who was not a competent person has tried to repair it, tightening screws, etc. Do you know how to wire a plug?  

Free repairs to Industrial Adaptors

Industrial adaptors are different; they’re costly to buy (£5 to £20 pounds usually), and are difficult and time consuming to fit. Whilst we generally do free repairs on them, if we have to replace the adaptor we will charge for it – but we will talk to you first before we do it.

We tend not to carry these parts, apart from the odd 110v adaptor, so we’ll talk to you about the options available. Which may include us going for the parts, returning and fitting them or quoting to do it at a different date. 

This table shows the different types of industrial adaptor available.

Types of industrial plugs

Remedial Repairs

If the existing plug or flexible cable needs a repair, we’ll do that for free, automatically

Free plugs & fuses

If the plug or fuse needs changing; we’ll supply and fit for free

Professional labels

We use company branded, pre-printed purple labels with unique ID numbers

Prompt Certificates

We issue your PAT Testing Certificate within 5 days of completing the job; sooner if needed

Guidance on retests

We’ll work with you to find the best retest periods for your equipment, based on the risks

Timely Reminders

We send you a reminder for retest appointments approx 8 weeks in advance

What you need to do now

Arranging your PAT testing couldn’t be easier, but we do need to know what the job entails. Get a price online right now using our appointment booking system, or email us to discuss your requirements and for a personal quote, or call us. Whichever option works best for you, it is available here. If you’re unsure and want more help we can come to see you before quoting.