Catering Van PAT Testing

Our specialist PAT testing engineers provide comprehensive inspection and testing of your electrical appliances

Photo of Meat:Stack's Catering Van that they serve burgers from. Parked on Gateshead Quayside in this photo

Catering Van PAT Testing

When you need your catering van electrics checking we can help you – we can test the appliances such as fridges, water boilers, etc and if needed we can also test the mains supply and provide you with an EICR document.

Catering vans undergo rigorous testing because of the nature of their use; appliances and the mains wiring can get damaged due to excessive use, cables and plugs being regularly plugged in and pulled out; usually more often than in more static environments, excessive heat and cold from being in storage etc.

Also the mains connection needs testing more often than a standard building as the mains supply isn’t permanent, and the connector cable tends to be outside, unprotected, trailing on the ground etc and so more prone to damage.

How often do the catering van electrics need testing?

This is probably going to shock you. Here at DRA PAT testing we like to promise you ‘No shocks with us‘ so it’s important we get this out of the way now.

Guidance tells us that as a minimum requirement the electrics on catering vans should be inspected and tested by a skilled, competent person; annually.

Yes that’s right – every year.

That goes for the appliances AND the inbound main power system.

For a trailer, as it is mobile, the mains power usually is fed in via a plug and socket combination, often off an industrial coupler device which generally runs at 230 volts, will be blue / grey in colour and 32amps. Sometimes this may differ.

This then powers the van via a small fuse board.

Guidance goes on to tell us that a visual inspection should be carried out on the connecting cable and all plugs and socket outlets before each and every use of the unit – are you doing this? Most people don’t, but you should.

The results of said visual inspection should be entered into a log-book as a permanent record of the condition of the electrical equipment.

What happens if you don’t test every year?

You can bet that an insurance company will swerve any claim for fire / shock or injury if this certification is not kept updated or allowed to lapse.

How we can help you

Chances are you were not aware of this rule; we know that most owners are not, so we recommend you keep your certification and internal log books up to date, to protect yourself, staff and your business.

We can help you with this – get in touch to discuss your situation and arrange for this work to be carried out.

Photo of Meat:Stack's Catering Van that they serve burgers from. Parked on Gateshead Quayside in this photo

What electrical testing of a catering van / Trailor costs.

We don’t charge a fortune so don’t panic but there’s not a one size fits all price, so contact us with your requirements and we’ll give you the best price we can to ensure you get what you need.

Our Catering Van PAT Testing Service

Our PAT testing engineers are experienced and professional, providing a comprehensive inspection and testing service for all your electrical appliances. All our work complies with the latest HSE requirements and industry standards. A regular PAT testing programme helps you to ensure your electrical system is safe for continued use.

We provide an efficient and professional PAT testing service with minimal disruption to your business, with free remedial repairs and promptly issued PAT test Certificates, to help you comply with the latest electrical safety regulations.

Catering Van PAT Testing should be repeated annually in line with guidance recommendations.

Catering units generally have electrical appliances such as water boilers, heaters, kettles, radios, etc and perhaps more high risk equipment like griddles etc.

Most appliances will operate on 230v but we can also do tests on 110v and 415v appliances, as well as fixed equipment, and have the capability to do your fixed wiring inspections (EICR) too.

As an experienced PAT testing company we can operate in all environments, meaning we can test your van in storage or on site of an event.

  • Free and automatic remedial repairs
  • Free replacement plugs & fuses
  • Free cable management to ensure efficiency, safety and tidiness
  • Minimal disruption guaranteed

Regular PAT testing can help you reduce insurance premiums, as it equates to a risk assessment of your electrical equipment, helping to determine the safety levels in your business, and the need for more or less frequent inspections.

Regular PAT tests are considered to be the most effective way to comply with your obligations for workplace health and safety, and electrical regulations – failure to ensure electrical equipment is safe can be considered to be a failure to comply with the law.

PAT Testing Quality Standard

DRA PAT Testing Limited are founder members of the UK’s Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association. All our work complies with the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Code of Practice for Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

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