Events PAT Testing

Our specialist PAT testing engineers provide comprehensive inspection and testing of your electrical appliances

Events PAT Testing

If you have an event planned and you’re using electrical appliances then get in touch with us to get them PAT Tested. Don’t put your event at risk by not having safe electrical equipment.

Do you know, if you are a mobile disco or entertainer, and are planning to perform at an event such as a wedding in a hotel you will need your sound and lighting equipment PAT testing.

Perhaps you are running an exhibition in an events centre and will be supplying extension leads so your exhibitors can run their electrical equipment – you’ll need these testing too. You’re going to need paperwork to prove your equipment is safe, especially if there is an accident.

Our PAT testing engineers are experienced and professional, providing a comprehensive inspection and testing service for all your electrical appliances. All our work complies with the latest HSE requirements and industry standards. A regular PAT testing programme helps you to ensure your electrical system is safe for continued use.

We provide an efficient and professional PAT testing service with minimal disruption to your business, with free remedial repairs and promptly issued PAT test Certificates, to help you comply with the latest electrical safety regulations.

Events PAT Testing should be repeated as often as is necessary based on a risk assessment of the equipment in use; an initial inspection by us can count as a good starting point for the assessment, from there between us we should be able to set up an effective retest period.

Our Events PAT Testing Service

In almost every workplace today we have kettles, fridges, computers, printers, phone chargers and so on; some businesses also have tools, vacuum cleaners, and more high risk equipment.

Most appliances will operate on 230v but we can also do tests on 110v and 415v appliances, as well as fixed equipment, and have the capability to do your fixed wiring inspections (EICR) too.

As an experienced PAT testing company we can operate in all environments, so even if your business is not exclusively office we can still help you.

  • Free and automatic remedial repairs
  • Free replacement plugs & fuses
  • Free cable management to ensure efficiency, safety and tidiness
  • Minimal disruption guarenteed

If you have server systems we can work with you to test them out of hours, once in a five year spell (they don’t need doing every year either), and can check them visually or even with thermal imagery at regular intervals.  Some companies say they will do a ‘full visual inspection’ on your server but if they can’t unplug it they can’t fully inspect it.

Regular PAT testing can help you reduce insurance premiums, as it equates to a risk assessment of your electrical equipment, helping to determine the safety levels in your business, and the need for more or less frequent inspections.

Regular PAT tests are considered to be the most effective way to comply with your obligations for workplace health and safety, and electrical regulations – failure to ensure electrical equipment is safe can be considered to be a failure to comply with the law.

PAT Testing throughout the United Kingdom

DRA PAT Testing is based in the North East of England, near Newcastle upon Tyne, but our engineers are able to come to your location anywhere in the UK. So if you require your electrical equipment testing, get in touch with us today.