PAT Testing Medical Centres

We provide Portable Appliance Testing for medical centres across the North East of England

Doctors, Dentists, Vets… this is for you

What needs PAT testing in a medical centre?

A portable appliance is an electrical appliance fitted with a plug; so everything you plug in to a socket, in your surgery, requires an inspection and test by us or another person competent in electrical safety, on a regular basis. The PAT testing frequency should be proportionate to the risk of the appliance use and the environment it is being used in – in medical centres this tends to be every 1-2 years, as the Care Quality Commission requires this for their inspections.

You need to maintain safe electrical equipment in order to comply with Health and Safety at Work – regular PAT Tests help you to do this

After Electrical safety testing we will provide you with an itemised PAT Testing Certificate Report for your records.

We do not test sensitive medical equipment – this should only be tested using specialist medical testing equipment.

Important note: Specialist medical equipment, like the appliance pictured should not undergo the standard PAT test, instead be tested by a specialist medical equipment tester.

PAT test Medical Centres

Just to clarify when we PAT test medical centres, it is the standard (BS1363) plugs’ equipment that we will be testing. It is very important to ensure that the safety testing of medical equipment, or medical devices is only done using special equipment. Testing of medical equipment is different to portable electrical equipment. As a PAT tester we will make sure your electrical equipment is safe, but you need medical devices checked separately by a specialised company who do safety testing of medical equipment.

How can we help you?

Having specialised in portable appliance testing since 2009 we have plenty of experience PAT testing medical centres, so we know we can help you make sure your surgery electrical equipment is safe to use. 

Making sure your portable electrical equipment is safe for you customers and your staff is so important to you, and we know that, so it is important to us that we give you peace of mind so you can go about your daily business without worrying about dodgy electrics. 

We will come in at time to suit you, inspect your computers, fridges, treatment tables and other appliances that plug in, carry out any necessary repairs (including replacing 2-pin plugs for proper British 3-pins, which we know you will have at least one of), test what needs testing and when we leave you will know that your equipment is safe. 

And we promise to remove the previous companies messy labels and replace them with our nice tidy, professionally printed new labels, which we will put on your equipment neatly and discreetly.

Back at the office we will download the results to produce for you a PAT Test Certificate Report which we email to you as a PDF document, usually the same day or within 24 hours of the job completing. 

Then, when your PAT tests are next due we’ll contact you to remind you, suggesting a date to come in, so you don’t even have to remember anymore about your regular checks, so you will always be compliant.