PAT Testing for Musicians

For electrical equipment of singers, bands, musicians, DJs, disco’s, entertainers, etc.

Musicians PAT testing

In order to prevent electrical accidents, PAT testing for musicians helps to keep your portable electrical equipment safe.

Going into premises that belong to another business, you have a duty of care to make sure your appliances are not going to be at risk of electrical accident.

Our PAT testing engineers are experienced and professional, providing a comprehensive inspection and testing service for all your electrical appliances. All our work complies with the latest HSE requirements and industry standards. A regular PAT testing programme helps you to ensure your electrical system is safe for continued use.

A PAT test won’t stop all risk of accidents; damage can occur between tests, so it is important that you do a visual inspection of your speakers, decks, and so on before every use. Also before you plug in, make sure the power supply is suitable for your gear.

Your equipment is expensive, and sensitive so you not only need to make sure the power supply you are plugging in to is safe, but that the PAT tester has the right gear to not risk damage to it. Our testers are perfect for the sensitivity of your mixers, speakers, CD players, microphone receivers, laptops, lighting rigs, TVs, and so on.

You need to be aware that some venues insist on your equipment being PAT tested and will want to see up to date PAT testing certificates to confirm it, so you’re going to need to get your gear retested on a regular basis, which is why most PAT testing for Musicians is repeated annually. We’ll provide you with a PAT Certificate within a few days of a test.

We provide an efficient and professional PAT testing service with minimal disruption to your business, with free remedial repairs and promptly issued PAT test Certificates, to help you comply with the latest electrical safety regulations.

When you are performing at an event at a hotel or other location the venue will insist that your electrical equipment testing (PAT) is up to date, because the risk for them is high – if any of your equipment isn’t up to scratch and it starts a fire or causes an accident, their insurance may not cover it, so make sure you have valid certification as you may be refused entry to a venue without it. We have seen it happen.

It’s not uncommon for us to be called out at 7pm on a Saturday night by a desperate DJ who needs his gear testing at the last minute; it’s unlikely we’re going to want our weekend disturbing but we may be able to help if you try us. But we always recommend you contact us in advance, plus its going to be a lot cheaper!

If you are in a rush, it is possible to get your PAT certificate the same day, if needed.

Always make sure that your DJ has their equipment has been PAT tested within the last 12 months, and carry your up to date records with you – if you use us for your testing we will always make sure you’re up to date with regular reminders. This will ensure your access to a venue is not refused.

The other added benefit of regular PAT testing, is your insurance policy will require it.

Our Musicians PAT testing Service

In almost every workplace today we have kettles, fridges, computers, printers, phone chargers and so on; some businesses also have tools, vacuum cleaners, and more high risk equipment.

Most appliances will operate on 230v but we can also do tests on 110v and 415v appliances, as well as fixed equipment, and have the capability to do your fixed wiring inspections (EICR) too.

As an experienced PAT testing company we can operate in all environments, so even if your business is not exclusively office we can still help you.

  • Free and automatic remedial repairs
  • Free replacement plugs & fuses
  • Free cable management to ensure efficiency, safety and tidiness
  • Minimal disruption guaranteed

Regular PAT testing can help you reduce insurance premiums, as it equates to a risk assessment of your electrical equipment, helping to determine the safety levels in your business, and the need for more or less frequent inspections.

Regular PAT tests are considered to be the most effective way to comply with your obligations for workplace health and safety, and electrical regulations – failure to ensure electrical equipment is safe can be considered to be a failure to comply with the law.