PAT testing for Cafe’s

PAT testing for cafe’s, takeaways, coffee shops across the North East

PAT testing for Cafe’s

We spend a lot of our time PAT testing in cafe’s around Newcastle upon Tyne and across the North East.

We enjoy working in cafe’s especially when you give us a nice cup of coffee 😉 or some cake 😀

Only joking, but we can still help with maintaining safe electrical equipment in your cafe and doing some running repairs for you. We need to keep a check on your important appliances, like your coffee machine, cooker and fridges.

Our PAT testing engineers are experienced and professional, providing a comprehensive inspection and testing service for all your electrical appliances. All our work complies with the latest HSE requirements and industry standards. A regular PAT testing programme helps you to ensure your electrical system is safe for continued use.

We provide an efficient and professional PAT testing service with minimal disruption to your business, with free remedial repairs and promptly issued PAT test Certificates, to help you comply with the latest electrical safety regulations.

PAT testing for Cafe’s should be repeated as often as is necessary based on a risk assessment of the equipment in use; an initial inspection by us can count as a good starting point for the assessment, from there between us we should be able to set up an effective retest period.

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