Hair Salon PAT Testing in the North East

Providing PAT testing in Salons in Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East

hair salon pat testing showing hair straighteners

Salon PAT Testing

We provide PAT testing services in hair salons, beauticians, barber shops, sun bed hires and so on; you use electrical equipment on paying customers, so both you and your clients need the peace of mind that the equipment is safe.

Imagine if you have a hairdryer that has suffered damage that you’re not aware of after being dropped, or that your nail drier has got a crack inside; that your clippers aren’t water resistant or that your sun-bed is faulty – these issues could all lead to something more serious, and give good reason why you need to make sure your electrical equipment is safe.

We work with many hair salons in the North East, we work in barber shops, beauty salons, sun bed stores and so on – we can help with your pop up nail bar or health spa, whatever form of personal beauty your store deals with, we can help you.

hair dryers and hair straighteners

These are hair dryers and hair straighteners after we have inspected and tested them; we check the full appliance and the full length of the lead as well as the plug to make sure there is no damage before we confirm an appliance is safe to continue using. You’re meant to visually inspect each appliance before you use it; can you guarantee that you do that? Not many people can, so if you are not checking it, and you don’t get it PAT tested, it could very easily get damaged.

See the photo of the melted hair dryer below, as an example of what can happen if you don’t regularly check your equipment is still safe to use.

melted hair dryer showing the importance of hair salon pat testing

This is a hair dryer we found in a salon; the gap you can see to the right is the plastic melted, due to the dryer itself overheating. Imagine if you were drying a client’s hair when this happened. This is why it is important to get your equipment checked. Hair Salon PAT testing is important.

Do you own or manage a hair salon in the North East?

Your hair driers, straighteners, tongs etc all need regular check ups to make sure they are still in good condition, still as safe now as when you bought them.
When you’r working with the public, in a busy environment, where water is present, there is a risk of accident if you’re using faulty equipment.
That’s why regular PAT testing is so important for your business.
Imagine how you’d feel if there was an accident because you neglected to check your electrical appliances were safe?
A PAT test won’t cost you much, probably about the same as a decent cut and blow dry, but it could save you a fortune preventing an accident.

PAT testing in Hair & Beauty Salons in the North East

DRA PAT Testing provide electrical equipment testing in the North East; we currently carry out PAT testing in hair salons, nail bars, sunbed shops, spas etc.

We can test all your equipment, safely, including your EPOS system tills, computers, card readers as well as your hair driers, straighteners, kettles and microwaves. We can work around you, out of hours even, to minimise disruption so your staff and clients are not affected.

It is important that all your electrical equipment remains safe to use, so that you meet the UK’s current Health and Safety regulations.

Our team of engineers cover the whole of the North East of England, whether you have one shop in the Metro Centre, or multiple locations in Newcastle, Durham and Teesside – wherever your shops are we can help; and that’s us, our engineers not subbies. We can work with you to ensure you get the possible service, including route plans for efficiency, actual appointment times and so on.

You also will benefit from free remedial repairs, replacement plugs and an itemised PAT testing Certificate Report for each location. All this is available at an unbelievable price.

Our Salon PAT Testing services start from just £45.00 for up to 20 items – contact us today for your personal price.

How often should electrical equipment be tested in a salon?

Electrical equipment in a salon should be PAT tested as often as is necessary to eliminate risk based on the environment it is being used in.

Let’s consider the salon environment – there is water, does that present a real possibility of contact with electrical equipment? Clients’ coffee could spill on charging equipment, etc. These risks may seem low but they do happen.

A salon is a busy place and some little accidents can go unnoticed which can become real problems later.

Hair equipment like hair dryers, straighteners etc are a version of the power tool, and hand held so are actually in the highest categories for risk of damage, so should be checked more often than other equipment like the till. But for ease, along with the kettle and coffee machine etc most salons get their electrical equipment PAT tested on an annual basis.

How can we help you?

Having specialised in portable appliance testing since 2009 we have plenty of experience PAT testing hair salons, so we know we can help you make sure your salon electrical equipment is safe to use. 

Making sure your portable electrical equipment is safe for you customers and your staff is so important to you, and we know that, so it is important to us that we give you peace of mind so you can go about your daily business without worrying about dodgy electrics. 

We will come in at time to suit you, inspect your hair driers, straighteners, clippers and other appliances that plug in, carry out any necessary repairs (including replacing 2-pin plugs for proper British 3-pins, which we know you will have at least one of), test what needs testing and when we leave you will know that your equipment is safe. 

And we promise to remove the previous companies messy labels and replace them with our nice tidy, professionally printed new labels, which we will put on your equipment neatly and discreetly.

Back at the office we will download the results to produce for you a PAT Test Certificate Report which we email to you as a PDF document, usually the same day or within 24 hours of the job completing. 

Then, when your PAT tests are next due we’ll contact you to remind you, suggesting a date to come in, so you don’t even have to remember anymore about your regular checks, so you will always be compliant.