We provide professional portable appliance testing service for medical centres, doctors surgeries, dentists, care homes etc. at sensible cost-effective prices.

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Registered medical practices are inspected by the Care Quality Commission every year, and as part of the inspection the inspector needs to see records that portable appliances have been tested.

pat testing for medical centres

PAT Testing is required on an annual basis for CQC inspections

In the CQC’s Essential Standards of Quality and Safety (March 2010) document, Outcome 11: Safety, availability and suitability of equipment, all providers must ensure equipment is adequate.

Providers must ensure people are safe from equipment, that the equipment is properly maintained, tested, serviced and renewed under a recorded programme. 

Having electrical equipment tested by us on a regular basis will ensure that the equipment is safe, that it has been properly maintained (or will raise any requirement for additional maintenance) and will not only record all the equipment but manage a suitable renewal programme that will operate in accordance with the requirements of the CQC.

We currently have a number of medical centres amongst our client base.

  • PAT Testing is required on an annual basis for CQC inspections
  • We’ll work on training days or when the surgery is closed, to reduce disruption
  • We leave specialist medical equipment to the calibrating houses

Our promises to you:

  1. We will not do unnecessary microwave emissions tests, and charge you for them like others do
  2. We will not do unnecessary tests
  3. We will not charge you if we find damaged sockets, like others do
  4. We will not charge you when we do repairs
  5. We will not charge you when we supply plugs and fuses
  6. We will not charge extra for weekend work
  7. We will do risk based appliance testing
  8. We will test appliances when the plug can’t be accessed; unlike others who skip them but charge you anyway
  9. We will issue Certificates promptly after the job; before you pay
  10. We will provide honest and sensible advice about retests
  11. We will provide recommendations to improve appliance safety
  12. We will leave you with safe equipment