Safety Socket Covers protect users and important appliances

We recommend the installation of socket covers to prevent important plugs being accidentally switched off. We also recommend these covers to provide an extra layer of protection where children may be present; of course the UK socket should be safe enough but a little bit extra never heart anyone, and these are a lot better than those awful plug in socket covers

safety socket covers protect children
An closed socket cover over a timer switch for a fan system on a pink wall
An open socket cover over a timer switch for a fan system on a pink wall
Double UK mains electric socket, switched off
Double socket protected with a latched socket cover, with a DRA PAT Testing sticker on

Are you looking for an easy to install solution to create a safer electric socket? 

Introducing you to Socket Covers supplied and fitted by DRA PAT Testing Limited. 

These socket covers are quick and easy to install, and fit over UK double and single wall sockets to prevent accidental removal of plugs; a great feature to reduce the chances of sensitive equipment being turned off by accident, or to protect young children. 

These socket covers can be easily installed without having to remove the wall socket or having to come into contact with live wires. 

The front cover is hinged and has two latches, either side to secure it, meaning there an keys to have to fiddle with.. or lose! 

  • Prevents your child from playing with or removing electric plugs
  • Helps to prevent accidental power loss to sensitive equipment

Curious toddlers love to investigate which can put them at risk

These socket covers protect them from the dangers of live electrical sockets.

The socket protector is easily fitted without removing the socket faceplate

You can access the socket and plug by pressing latches on either side of the cover

This socket cover is ideal for preventing accidental disconnection of vital domestic and commercial equipment such as medical fridges, freezers, computers, servers, sockets in children’s play areas, etc. 

Additionally the socket cover provides splash protection for sockets in damp areas such as kitchens and It protects sockets in workshops

We think the best use of these socket covers, especially the lockable version is to stop people turning off the main plug for your server. We’ve heard stories about PAT testers turning off servers without even asking; a lockable socket cover will stop them doing that! Of course, if we are installing your socket covers hopefully it is only us testing your IT equipment too, so that is not something you’ll need to worry about. 

Alternatively we can install lockable socket covers; but you’ll need to put the key somewhere safe and remember where you put it! 

Lockable sockets costs a bit more to buy so the charge is slightly higher to cover the extra costs of purchase. 

Lockable Socket safety cover being slid into place over a double socket

If you feel safety socket covers may benefit your business contact us today or complete the form below to arrange a quotation.