PAT Testing is a process for ensuring electrical portable appliances are safe to be used; office equipment, also known as IT equipment such as computers, monitors and printers require regular portable appliance tests to ensure they remain safe for use; you may think there is a low risk in your office but how many people sit at their seats kicking the PC or digging their heels into the cables. PAT Testing IT equipment is essential to reduce the risk of injury or accidents, especially in those offices where the computers rarely move or when you don’t have an in-house IT department.

PAT Testing IT Equipment by Specialists

We specialise in PAT Testing IT equipment; IT equipment is sensitive and the PAT Tester needs to be aware of that, and thus take sensible precautions to ensure they don’t do any damage to the equipment – a number of our clients run call centres which have hundreds and thousands of pieces of electrical equipment.

PAT testing IT equipment should be done at least every 12 months, although in some very low risk environments or when a proper maintenance regime is in place this could be less often. The easiest time for us to perform the testing is when your office is closed; we work overnight at no extra costs to you. Doing this reduces the disruption to your business, as fewer people need to shut down their computer and leave their workstation. 

When we are PAT Testing IT equipment, we begin with a visual inspection followed by the appropriate electrical tests using the PAT Testing machine.

This is a short instructional video on how to PAT Test IT equipment; PAT Testing a computer monitor:

This is a video on how to perform a PAT Test on a computer:

Getting your IT equipment tested is your choice, and how often it is done comes down to your risk assessment but legislation strongly encourages regular action.

Adhering to the regulations is only one reason to have IT equipment tested for electrical safety. Many people are injured and/or killed each year due to handling electrical equipment that is not safe. Ensuring the safety of your portable IT equipment is in our opinion, the best reason to get PAT Testing done regularly.

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