Seaward are the industry leaders in PAT testing equipment, and are the providers of the equipment we use. Seaward PAT Testing Equipment, to us, is the only kit we’ll consider using.

Seaward are based in the North East of England, in the town of Peterlee in County Durham. When we get asked “what PAT tester should we get” we recommend Seaward pat testing equipment. We don’t recommend Seaward because we know they are better than the other manufacturers because we don’t truly know that, having not used any of their kit, but we have first hand knowledge of the quality of the Seaward pat testing equipment.

Seaward PAT Testing Equipment

Richard using Seaward PAT Testing Equipment

Richard using the Seaward PAT Prime Test 300

Since I formed the business in 2009 I have always used Seaward equipment; I started with a Seaward Europa which is a big machine that works off direct power from the mains which means it’s not the easiest to work with on big jobs and has to be regularly unplugged and plugged back in which isn’t practical for our needs, although it is ideal for some.

From that we graduated onto the Seaward Prime Test 300 which is a truly magnificent machine which we love; it’s so easy to use, the perfect size and shape and we still don’t know why seaward stopped making it. If you can pick one of these up second hand, do so because they are truly great machines.

The PT300 was replaced by the Seaward Prime Test 350, which we have a couple of, although we have never got around to setting them up or using them yet, but we will. There is a need to graduate from the 300 to the 350 when the time is right.

We’ve also used for a short time the Prime Test 250, and are keen to get our hands on the 250+.

However for now our machine of choice is the Prime Test 100 which fits perfectly into our business. The 100 is a machine which gives us the results, from which we can use our skills and experience to interpret what we need to. The machine doesn’t record the results so we do that using a tablet system (Ipads). The 100 is light, easy to use, and quick, and is ideal for PAT testing computers.