Bars and Restaurants PAT Testing

Our specialist PAT testing engineers provide comprehensive inspection and testing of your electrical appliances

We work with a lot of hospitality venues in the North East, most in Newcastle / Tyne and Wear.

Some of the regions most well known bars use us to help them maintain electrical safety. Unfortunately we can’t name names as naughty rivals try to pinch the work, but rest assured you’re in safe hands with us.

I worked in bars for many years, and managed them in my younger days so understand the set up, so can really help you.

Most of the electrical equipment will be behind the bar or in the kitchens, but there’s sure to be a few items in the cellar too, DJ booth etc depending on your set up.

In most cases it’ll take around 2-3 hours to thoroughly inspect all your appliances, but some places will be less and some more but we’ll keep you informed.

We recommend trying to do this when you’re closed, we can start early in the morning if it helps. It’s very hard to test the bar whilst you’re open, and even harder to work in the kitchen when your chefs are making their amazing food, so lets find a convenient time to get the job done when it doesn’t affect your team.

Bars and Restaurants PAT Testing

Our PAT testing engineers are experienced and professional, providing a comprehensive inspection and testing service for all your electrical appliances. All our work complies with the latest HSE requirements and industry standards. A regular PAT testing programme helps you to ensure your electrical system is safe for continued use.

We provide an efficient and professional PAT testing service with minimal disruption to your business, with free remedial repairs and promptly issued PAT test Certificates, to help you comply with the latest electrical safety regulations.

Bars and Restaurants PAT Testing should be repeated as often as is necessary based on a risk assessment of the equipment in use; an initial inspection by us can count as a good starting point for the assessment, from there between us we should be able to set up an effective retest period.

Our Bars and Restaurants PAT Testing Service

In almost every workplace today we have kettles, fridges, computers, printers, phone chargers and so on; some businesses also have tools, vacuum cleaners, and more high risk equipment.

We have loads of experience PAT testing in bars and restaurants all over the region, working with many different companies and private owners.

We understand about your cellars, and cooler systems and sensitive EPOS tills so you’re in safe hands with us.

As an experienced PAT testing company we can operate in many environments, including your bars and restaurants. Every client gets…

  • Free and automatic remedial repairs
  • Free replacement plugs & fuses
  • Free cable management to ensure efficiency, safety and tidiness
  • Minimal disruption guaranteed

Regular PAT testing can help you reduce insurance premiums, as it equates to a risk assessment of your electrical equipment, helping to determine the safety levels in your business, and the need for more or less frequent inspections.

Regular PAT tests are considered to be the most effective way to comply with your obligations for workplace health and safety, and electrical regulations – failure to ensure electrical equipment is safe can be considered to be a failure to comply with the law.

Restaurant kitchen in Newcastle upon Tyne

Have you heard of Newcastle City Council’s Late Night Levy?

It is a requirement that licensed premises authorised to supply alcohol between midnight and 6am will have to pay an annual levy of between £299 and £4,400, depending on their rateable value and whether the premises primarily or exclusively are used to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises.

The council offers a reduction for premises that apply for the “Best Practice Premises Inspection Programme” and succeed in achieving a rating which determines compliance.

Part of the programme is PAT testing – if you get your premises PAT testing done, and keep it up to date, it can help you towards a discount on your Late Night Levy fee.

To Book a PAT Test

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