Wiring diagram safety cards on a plug

Wiring diagram safety cards on a plug These little wiring diagram safety cards cards attached to the pins of a plug, usually on an extension lead, when you buy them new are very handy should you need to rewire the plug. But let's be honest who is going to buy this new, then un-wire and rewire the plug? No one. And if you need to re-wire the plug in the future what's the chances of you still having the card? Slim. If you run a charity shop selling electrical goods, then you will need these cards, as they have to be on the plug of an appliance you are selling.  However, if you are like many who don't remove it you probably will still have it. Wiring diagram safety cards on a plug are packaging; just like the plastic wrapper or bag the item comes in. Do you remove the bag before using the lead? Of course you do; so why wouldn't you remove the card? You should but so many people leave them on.  In itself this isn't a major issue; the chances of the plug getting so hot the card catches fire are very slim, and to [...]