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What you need to know about PAT Testing

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What you need to know about PAT Testing Pat Testing (also known as Portable Appliance Testing) is a way of checking your electrical equipment to see if it is SAFE. PAT Testing is an important part of your organisation's Health and Safety regime. It doesn't matter whether you're a small business or a large multi-site corporation; if [...]

Can I PAT test my own equipment?

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Can I PAT test my own equipment? Can I PAT test my own equipment? You can... but why would you want to?  I can do my own accounts; but why would I want to? When an accountant or a book-keeper can do them much quicker, much better, more efficiently and probably cheaper than I can.  An electrical [...]

PAT Testing during Covid-19

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We are available for bookings during Covid-19 lockdown Our work can not be done from home, so we are continuing to operate, albeit on a reduced level. As long as safety measures can be implemented we can still do work for you.  If you can take into account the safety measures being implemented we can still carry [...]

What are surge protectors for?

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What are surge protectors for? A surge protector is an electrical appliance designed to protect electrical equipment from surges in power, or voltage spikes. A surge protectors tries to limit the voltage supplied to the appliance by either blocking or shorting to ground the unwanted voltage.  Surges in power generally come from: Internal tripping  events, such as [...]

Do new electricals need PAT testing?

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Do new electricals need PAT testing? Does new electrical equipment need PAT Testing? Do new electricals need PAT testing? If you are sure they came from a reputable supplier than they shouldn't need PAT testing. New equipment should be safe when manufactured, and are tested before leaving the factory, so there should be no need for you to [...]

Will I get into trouble if I don’t get PAT done?

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Depending on how severe the situation is, the penalty for failure to meet legal obligations on electrical appliance safety can be as high as 2 year's imprisonment, as well as unlimited financial penalty. Of course, we are not judge or jury so these figures may have changed/may change.  Don't take the risk to save a little bit of money, [...]

How long does a PAT testing certificate last?

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How long does a PAT test last? A PAT test is like an MOT - it's only as good as the day it is done. You should never ask how long does a PAT test last, only, did the appliances pass the required tests. The test is carried out on an electrical appliance to confirm it is [...]

FAQs – Answers to some common questions that get asked about PAT Testing

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PAT Testing Questions... answered All those burning PAT testing questions have been answered here, if you don't find your question here try our PAT testing FAQs page or contact us, we'd be happy to talk about it.  We get these questions asked a lot; perhaps you have other questions - ask them in [...]

Do new electrical items need PAT testing?

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Do new electrical items need PAT testing? If I had to give you the answer to this question, I would say "better safe than sorry, get it tested", but ultimately the final decision is yours.  Most people say that you don't need to get new equipment PAT tested but it is up to your company policy If [...]