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PAT Testing Labels

DRA's PAT testing labels We use our own professional branded company labels; we have used labels in this format and colour scheme for many years. Every label has its own unique ID number, which matches just one appliance in our database; the appliance it is attached to. Each label is pre-printed with the month and year the test takes place; it doesn't need the retest date on as that has not been a requirement since 2012. Showing the date the test took place is the most important, and the PAT Testing Certificate Report you get shows [...]

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What you need to know about PAT Testing

What you need to know about PAT Testing Pat Testing (also known as Portable Appliance Testing) is a way of checking your electrical equipment to see if it is SAFE. PAT Testing is an important part of your organisation's Health and Safety regime. It doesn't matter whether you're a small business or a large multi-site corporation; if you use electrical equipment in your business, then you have a responsibility to make sure it is safe. Additionally many insurance companies insist that PAT Testing be carried out every 12 months (or less) in order to satisfy the conditions of their [...]

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Why PAT test?

Why PAT Test? Electrical equipment that is purchased from a reputable supplier should be of a satisfactory safety standard, but it must be maintained to stay that way, so that it does not deteriorate so far that it puts users at risk.  It is recognised that PAT Testing is the easiest and best way to check electrical equipment is safe, and the process that is followed to achieve this includes carrying out repairs to ensure the appliance is safe.  Using a local PAT testing company to do this is a benefit to you as it means if you need [...]

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Can I PAT test my own equipment?

Can I PAT test my own equipment? Yes, you can PAT test your own equipment; if you are a competent person with the relevant training, knowledge, equipment and time. It is essential that you or someone in your business is competent in electrical safety if you/they are going to carry out PAT testing. A competent person should: have good knowledge of electricity have experience of electrical work know how to carry out a visual inspection know how to carry out a portable appliance test understand the potential hazards of electricity & precautions to take when carrying out a PAT [...]

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PAT Testing during Covid-19

We are available for bookings during Covid-19 lockdown Our work can not be done from home, so we are continuing to operate during the Covid-19 Pandemic, albeit on a reduced level. As long as safety measures can be implemented we can still do work for you.  Note: This is an old post written at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown, and no longer applies. It would make sense to take the post down but Google will penalise us for doing so so we have to leave it here.  If you can take into account the safety measures being implemented [...]

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What are surge protectors for?

What are surge protectors for? A surge protector is an electrical appliance designed to protect electrical equipment from surges in power, or voltage spikes. A surge protectors tries to limit the voltage supplied to the appliance by either blocking or shorting to ground the unwanted voltage.  Surges in power generally come from: Internal tripping  events, such as lights being turned on and off A high in-rush of energy could generate a surge around the circuits Lightning strikes A surge protecter doesn't last forever; it'll only absorb so many surges before it stops working itself, although it is practically impossible [...]

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Do new electricals need PAT testing?

Do new electricals need PAT testing? Does new electrical equipment need PAT Testing? Do new electricals need PAT testing? If you are sure they came from a reputable supplier than they shouldn't need PAT testing. New equipment should be safe when manufactured, and are tested before leaving the factory, so there should be no need for you to have to PAT test them before using them. Assuming the new equipment has been bought from a bonafide retailer from the European Economic area.  Be more aware if you buy new equipment from 'cheap' online sites, especially if the appliances are imported [...]

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How long does a PAT testing certificate last?

How long does a PAT test Certificate last? How long does a PAT Test Certificate last? The confirmation that your appliance is safe lasts as long as it takes to put the label on, plug it back in and wait until it gets damaged; how long the certificate lasts, kind of depends on that too. Some say the certificate is only as good as the moment the test is done, so that would be pretty pointless.  A certificate lasts until the appliance is no longer safe, or until a period of time defined by risk assessment has passed.  [...]

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Do new electrical items need PAT testing?

Do new electrical items need PAT testing? If I had to give you the answer to this question, I would say "better safe than sorry, get it tested", but ultimately the final decision is yours.  Most people say that you don't need to get new equipment PAT tested but it is up to your company policy If you are confident that the new equipment you have is safe to use then go ahead and do so; It is generally accepted that new equipment is safe to use as it should have been tested by the manufacturer, but it is possible [...]

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What happens if an appliance fails the PAT tests?

If we fail an appliance we will advise you what to do; either repair it or dispose of it.  PAT Testing is as much about finding faulty appliances and fixing them as it is about confirming appliances are safe. If an appliance fails it may be repairable; if we can repair it we will do, but if not we'll recommend further action. Usually that is one of two options: Get it repaired by a specialist Dispose of it by appropriate means What happens if an item fails a PAT Test? When an appliance fails a PAT test [...]

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