DRA PAT Testing – providing a Workplace PAT Testing service for the North East

Book an appointment with us to PAT test your workplace and get instant peace of mind. Our PAT testers are experienced, fully trained engineers with the knowledge and skills to make sure your appliances are safe.

Not only do we inspect and test your electrical equipment but we carry out free remedial repairs, provide you with guidance on retests, and supply an itemised PAT Testing Certificate report within 5 days. 

About DRA PAT Testing – trusted since 2009

DRA PAT Testing Limited has over 20 years combined experience throughout the team, and has been trading as a business since 2009. Clients including Durham Constabulary, Subway and the National Trust, trust us to maintain their electrical equipment. Based in Wallsend, near Newcastle upon Tyne we help local businesses and schools save money, reduce disruption and improve safety. 

We have worked throughout the Covid pandemic helping our clients maintain safety in these difficult times; we now visit staff homes to check on their work equipment, as well as testing in their offices. 

PAT Testing for your Business

We’re trusted by over 1000 North East businesses to test their appliances.

PAT testing in Offices & Call Centres

We specialise in PAT Testing office equipment including IT systems and server units.

PAT testing for Schools & Education

We offer up to 25% off our standard prices for schools and other educational establishments

The workplace PAT Testing Service you need

We provide all our clients, whether you have one appliance or five thousand, with the same great service standards. We provide you with a fully itemised workplace PAT Testing report showing which appliances are in which room at your site; the report sent as a PDF document within 5 days of the job completing. When your appliances are due to be tested again we send you a reminder by email about 8 weeks in advance with an appointment date, to help you maintain compliance. We can risk assess the electrical dangers at your site to guide you to the right retest period for your business, and we replace plugs and fuses completely free of charge. 

You’re in safe hands with us

High standards and great service are important to us. We’re a small business, built from nothing, now with over 1000 regular clients, and more 5-star reviews on Google than any other North East PAT testing company. Our staff are friendly and considerate and will help you to ensure your electrical equipment is safe and continues to be so. Specialising in office PAT testing, and for local businesses we should be your best choice whether you have thousands of items or just a few.

Every year we test over 100,000 appliances, but we do it, well. Our clients include large hotels, offices, call centres, schools, caravan sites, industrial units and so on.

All our work is provided at good sensible prices that allow us to do a good job, unrushed, every time.  

What are the benefits of PAT Testing?

PAT testing improves safety in the workplace as is required by the Health and Safety at Work Act

✅  Regular electrical inspection and testing helps you ensure electrical equipment is safe

✅  PAT assesses the suitability of an appliance for the environment it is being used in (to help you comply with) The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

  PAT testing records can be used to demonstrate compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 

✅  Regular PAT testing helps you to comply with The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

✅  Regular electrical tests in rental property help you comply with The Housing Act 2004 (England and Wales)

✅  PAT tests before the start of a tenancy help a landlord comply with The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s guidance

✅  Regular PAT tests help you comply with The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016

✅  If the plug of an appliance doesn’t meet the Plugs and sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994 we will change it for one that does.

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PAT Testing in Newcastle and across the North East

We all know how important maintaining health and safety at work is to safeguard our staff, visitors, other users, etc and ensuring electrical equipment is safe is a big part of that. Electricity is one of the UK’s biggest silent killers, and a faulty electrical appliance is a huge risk to human life. This is why checking electrical appliances to make sure they are safe to continue using is so important.

You are actually required by law to maintain safe electrical equipment, and provide evidence that you are doing so, when requested – regular PAT Test Certificates provide that evidence as they show what equipment is safe.

PAT testing is carried out on electrical equipment fitted with a plug – the plug takes many forms, but most plugs in the UK are 3-pinned 13amp plugs, the type all of us have at home and work. The PAT test process checks the plug to make sure it is correct and not damaged in any way, make sure the fuse is ok and the flexible cable is in tact; if any of these are faulty they will be repaired. When the engineer is satisfied the appliance looks safe, and if necessary, they’ll put it through additional electrical tests to check the internal safety measures are functioning. All being good they will record the appliance as a PASS, and label it as so. If an appliance fails any part and can’t be repaired by us, it will fail, and further action recommended.

This process should be repeated as often as is necessary to maintain safety standards. How often that happens depends on the risk of damage occurring; an understanding of the potential of that is necessary to make a decision on the PAT testing frequency, in most cases it is deemed that annual testing is best.