Questions do come up from clients about certain specifics they need, or additional services, so we find that making those things available on our website is a benefit to others too.

We are a company that provides portable appliance testing; we specialise in that so we only provide services that fall under the remit of electrical appliances. However, through our partners we’re also able to provide our clients with other inspection and testing services.

Services within scope of appliance inspections


As standard we will aim to repair an appliance to make sure it passes, this includes tightening screws on the unit, checking and repairing the flexible cable, checking and repairing the plug and replacing the fuse.  For any of these things no additional charges are incurred.

We do not charge for these repairs as they are all standard and are part of what we do; so they’re included in the price already being charged.

If repairs are required for the appliance and we are able to make the repair we will talk to you about it, and propose a price to do so – you don’t need to use us for the repair.

We will charge for materials supplied to carry out repairs except for standard 3 amp and 13 amp fuses which we provide without charge due to their low costs.

Standard BS1363 plugs (the ones we all have at home) are supplied at £1.75 each.

Industrial plugs and couplers can be supplied and fitted; we don’t carry a supply of these so we will quote you when we’re on site a price to carry out the work. The price will be for supply and fit covering the time required to source the materials and fit them.

Maintaining Server Systems

Everyone panics when we suggest turning a server off to test it; whilst this is the preferred option it doesn’t need doing too often – if we can test it once in five years that would be great. If we can’t then that’s your choice, but we cannot be held accountable for any issues. Servers that can’t be turned off will have each part visually inspected, as well as we can, which is minimal when plugs can’t be removed.

Cable Organisation

Everyone these days seems to have messy cables on and around their desks; generally caused by the constant addition of new appliances that need a cable to draw power. But no one has time to tidy up the cables to make them neater.

If you want neater cables around your desks talk to our engineer about what would be involved – in a small office we may be able to do it whilst we’re there, and in bigger sites we’ll need to arrange to return (ideally when your staff aren’t there).

Socket Inspections

Whilst we’re unplugging leads from sockets, if we find that socket to be damaged we’ll report it – we don’t charge you for that.

Socket Testing

If you want us to go around your workplace and test every socket to make sure the wiring is correct then that is going to take time; we’ll use a plug-in type socket tester on each socket. Charges apply, starting at £39.99 – we only do this if you instruct us to.

Microwave Oven Testingmicrowave oven testing

Microwave Ovens over time can deteriorate, leading to breakdown in the seals and interlock, which leads to higher than preferred emissions escaping. In addition the temperature rise when cooking food may not be as expected, so we can carry out checks on these and the power to confirm the oven is functioning correctly or not – there is an additional charge to do this; we don’t do it as standard

Services we offer, provided by our Partners

Fixed Wiring InspectionsFixed wiring testing

Otherwise known as fixed installation testing, Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) and Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) these inspections are carried out by a recommended electrician with the appropriate credentials and licensed by the NICEIC.

Thermal Image SurveysThermal Image of a server

The best solution to not wanting to turn off your server is a thermal image survey; images taken with a thermal camera will flag up any areas for concern. Thermal imaging helps to detect, troubleshoot and pinpoint problems to prevent expensive shutdowns, outages, fire risks and equipment failure.

It is fast becoming an insurance company requirement as a supplement but not a replacement to fixed wire testing, especially in installations where continuity of supply is a priority.


Emergency Light TestingEmergency Lighting Testing

Our partners also provide professional emergency lighting testing and certification for a wide range of customers all over the country. It is extremely important that your emergency lighting is fully-functioning at all times, so testing your system to make sure it’s always working properly is vital to comply with legislation and your insurance company requirements.

For emergency lighting, BS 5266 states that it is a statutory requirement to test the full rated duration of the emergency lights (e.g. three hours) and this must be carried out annually. At the end of this test, the emergency lights must still be illuminated for the system to be deemed safe for continued use.

Fire ExtinguishersFire extinguishers

The practical benefits of installing fire extinguishers in your residential or commercial property are huge; not only are they often a necessity by law, especially in industrial premises, but they can protect the lives of people as well as the building itself. Our partners provide high quality fire safety equipment and a comprehensive supply, maintenance and hire service of fire extinguishers.

Fire Risk AssessmentFire risk assessment

Conducting a fire risk assessment can be an extremely complex and confusing process. Not only is it a very long and laborious task, the detail required to satisfy the exacting standards as required by the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order is intricate, thorough and exhaustive. Emphasis is no longer just placed on whether a fire risk assessment is conducted but also on the adequacy of the assessment.


If you require any of these services please get in touch.