Our Services

Whether you’re an office manager looking for a reliable company to do your PAT testing, a landlord needing an electrical safety certificate or a business owner needing their fixed appliances testing, we can help you.

We specialise in PAT Testing office based companies, small business’ equipment and schools, but we also can do electrical installation certificates, fixed equipment tests and maintenance work.

Whatever electrical inspection or testing work you require for your workplace or rental property we can help you.  

Reliable, Professional, Experienced Electrical testing Services

We carry out the full range of standard electrical testing services to help our customers cover all areas with just one supplier; that makes things easier. We are able to carry out inspection and testing on portable appliances, fixed appliances, the mains wiring system and emergency lighting. 

Getting your electrical testing carried out, all by one company makes life so much easier for you. Our PAT testing engineers are experienced and competent, and we are registered with PATTA; whilst our electrician is a member of the NICEIC, so you can be assured of our working standards.   

However, if you prefer you don’t need to bring all these services under one roof and can just utilise our skills for any individual or group of services.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

PAT testing is our main business; we specialise in testing electrical equipment found in offices and other workplaces.

These days PAT testing covers all electrical equipment that plugs in, including industrial use appliances using specialist adaptors. Our inspections check your electrical appliances to make sure they are safe for continued use. PAT testing is an essential part of every company’s Health and Safety policy. We carry out PAT testing in your home or workplace, and we cover all of the North East. 

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plugs plugged into an extension lead with dra pat testing labels on
fused spur connection unit which connects a portable appliance to the fixed wiring of the building

Fixed Appliance Testing (FAT)

Appliances that are hard wired to the mains also need a degree of inspection, although not as frequently as appliances with plugs. When we test the plugs we’ll also inspect these appliances, and may do an earth continuity test too. We’ll recommend a full test when it is required, usually every 5-years from installation. Not all PAT testing companies can provide this service. 

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Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR)

An Electrical Installation Condition Report, also known as a Periodic Inspection Report, is a detailed electrical inspection of the main wiring in a building, comprising of an in-depth examinations of the electrical system and the production of a report to highlight any necessary remedial work. This is the main part of electrical testing; if the wiring isn’t right then that is a major issue that needs addressing. 

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eicr being carried out by an electrician
Microwave oven for microwave oven testing

Microwave Oven Testing

Microwave ovens should also be tested for emissions leakage, which we can do for you. We can also test for power and temperature rise, using a thermometer and water system to gauge temperature rise to check the power too. If too many emissions are leaking from a microwave during use this  can lead to health issues for users. 

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Cable Management

Messy cables make for a dirty workspace; getting them reorganised, tidied up and the number of extension leads makes everything seem better; certainly tidier. We tidy and sort as we go, but if your office is really messy your cables may benefit from a good tidy up –  best done out of hours we can do what your IT team should be doing, and have a damn good clear out. 

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tidy desks in an office