microwave oven testing

Microwave Ovens, for use in the workplace, require regular checks to ensure they’re performing as intended:

  • That excessive emissions are not leaking out
  • That the desired temperatures are being met
  • That sufficient power is being produced
  • That food is being cooked correctly

We charge a fixed rate of £10.00 per oven to carry out all the appropriate tests; if we’re not PAT testing the other appliances too there is a minimum charge of £45.00.

Excessive leakage can be a problem for staff; it can be of particular danger to expectant mothers.

Microwave leakage checks are carried out as part of the portable appliance testing routine.

Microwave Oven Testing kit

According to a survey; 56% of microwave ovens used for more than 2 years can leak levels of radiation 10% higher than the safety standard of 5mW/cm² regulated by the FDA and EPA.

If you operate any kind of business where you use a microwave oven to heat food to give to paying guests, like a pub, hotel or restaurant then you need to be sure your microwaves are working correctly.

We provide enhanced Microwave Oven Testing that includes:

  1. Testing for micro-wave leakage, to comply with national standards on permitted exposure levels, to BS EN60335-2-25 and BS EN 60335-2-90, making sure that leakage should not exceed 5 mw/cm2 when measured at a distance of 50mm or more from the exterior of the appliance under test
  2. Assess microwave power and temperature rise using a measuring beaker and digital thermometer, over a 90 seconds period
  3. Check the door seals, edges of the door, the front window and any ventilation points

Microwave oven testing is done to comply with the following standards:

  • BS EN60335-2-25: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances – domestic microwave ovens
  • BS EN60335-2-90: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances – commercial microwave ovens

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