Sunderland PAT Testing – providing portable appliance testing in Sunderland

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Portable Appliance Testing for Sunderland

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About our PAT Testing Service

PAT testing reduces risk

One of the biggest electrical problems in the workplace is the use of portable appliances, such as computers, kettles, toasters, etc. but it is also a problem that is not going to go away. Modern technology is improving all the time so you’d think appliances are getting safer but with the huge surge of cheap (and fake) goods coming onto the market the risks are actually higher – appliances are no longer built to last. 

One of the main problems with portable appliances is they each have a flexible insulated cable to connect it to the mains via a plug and socket, that means it can be moved easily. Therefore, it can also be damaged and tampered with easily. Additionally many cables are not permanently connected to an appliance, so can be used elsewhere or come under excessive strain – all increasing the risk of damage.

Because of these risks, portable appliances are responsible for a high proportion of electrical accidents in the workplace.   

All our work includes

  • Free minor repairs – including changing fuses and plugs, or repairing the existing cable

  • High standards – appliances tested in accordance with IET Code of Practice guidelines

  • All appliance types tested including portable and integrated

  • Unique ID numbers – each item labelled with a new number that directly refers to the PAT report

  • PAT Report and Certificate issued promptly 

  • Thermal Imagery – for checking servers that can’t be turned off

  • Notification of any failed appliances whilst on site, and what to do

Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

PAT testing Sunderland | PAT Testing all of Tyne and Wear

DRA PAT Testing test a lot of appliances in Sunderland for companies including the automotive industry, printers, even debt management (not that we’ve had to use their services… yet). 

On a sunny day we like a nice drive to Seaburn or Whitburn to test appliances at the arcades or fishmongers; grab a coffee and watch the waves off Roker pier. 

However, it was in a doctors surgery in Sunderland that Richard suffered an unfortunate electric shock, luckily he was well grounded at the time! 

When your Sunderland based business needs its electrical equipment PAT testing get in touch with us. 

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