How often should we do a PAT test?

How often should we do a PAT test?

How long is a piece of string?

It’s one of those questions… a portable appliance can become faulty at any time, dependent on its use and the environment it is being used in – it should be maintained as appropriate to its use. It should be tested for safety as often as a risk assessment deems it necessary.

Unfortunately there is no simple answer, but what we recommend is this:

The next time we inspect and test your appliances will be compared to the first time, then taking into account the findings adding to them a risk assessment of the use and the environment, and following HSE guidance we’ll put in place intervals that most suit your situation.

Initially, we’ll return in 12 months to check all your equipment again and assess from there how often the equipment should be checked in the future; this could mean more frequent checks for some appliances but in most cases will extend the interval between checks.