check sockets to find damage like this

Do you pay PAT testers to test your sockets? Don’t. Here’s why…

There are some PAT companies out there who charge a fee to ‘test’ your sockets whilst they do the PAT test, whilst most companies will just tell you if there is a problem, out of common courtesy.

Whilst we’re unplugging appliances we look at the sockets – if a socket is broken, has a missing switch or screw we will tell you – if there is a fault we will report it to you, and we won’t charge you.

Your electrician will test the sockets circuits when they do the main wiring tests; if the sockets are safe then they will continue to be safe unless someone has tampered with them or damaged them. If someone is removing sockets and rewiring them you’re likely already aware of that.

You may not know if a socket has been damaged, but your PAT tester will tell you.

If you are going to pay a PAT company to ‘test’ your sockets find out upfront how they are going to perform their test and make sure you get a report.