How will the PAT Test affect you?

How will the PAT Test affect you?

Hopefully not too much; if we work together we should be able to manage the process so there is as little disruption as possible to you and your team.

One good way to do that is for you to have a ‘route plan’ in mind; plan a route around your site that is best suited to it, so we’re disturbing staff as little as possible. This is especially good for doctor’s surgeries that are open or factories with dangerous equipment in use.

When we carry out the tests the appliance will need turning off – it needs unplugging to be tested so can’t be in use. If it’s a computer, the user will need to save all work and shut it down; if there is a bank of desks all running off multi-use extension leads the whole bank will need to shut down.

It’ll also be easier for all of us if the user could leave their work area whilst we do ours.

It takes around ten minutes to test a computer, so it’s enough time for a quick coffee break, or for a bank of desks to have a team meeting. The whole office can’t be done at lunchtime.

If your facility is a factory or environment where a lot of power tools are in use in may be better to arrange this for a day when staff are not working, or to ensure nothing is missed all equipment should be brought to one location to be tested. If that’s not possible we’ll walk a route around the facility testing equipment as we go.

seaward Apollo 600 local pat testing portable appliance testing machine

What will get tested?

  • All electrical appliances fitted with a plug or intended to have a plug will be tested, included in your estimate. This includes appliances that are not easy to move.
  • Portable Appliances that are built in or fixed to the mains supply via a fuse spur will be inspected.
  • We also test industrial equipment that has a plug attached

Do you have equipment up high?

Because of the regulations surrounding working at height, ladders etc. we don’t work at height. Anything outside of reach, or ‘2-step’ ladders will need to be brought to ground level to be tested.

Server Systems

This is a regular problem – people are scared to turn off a server system for fear of the unknown – if your server is well maintained and set up correctly turning it off for a short period shouldn’t be an issue but check with your IT department. The server will need to be turned off to be tested. If it can’t be turned off, please talk to us about the options when we’re on site.

Repairs and Fails

We will carry out general repairs that are needed such as repairing or replacing screws, fuses and plugs, and cutting back damaged leads to a safe area.

Appliances that cannot be repaired by us will be failed and reported. It is up to you do either dispose of them or to get them repaired. If you repair them make sure they’re tested before being put back into service.