User checks – Are you aware you need to be doing “user checks”?

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A User Check is a very important safety precaution, formally missed by many but often carried out by most of us without even realising we're doing it.  A user check is something we all should be doing to make sure an appliance is safe before we use it, but few employers are even aware of the need for them [...]

Should I check my appliance myself before using it?

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Should I check my appliance myself before using it? Yes, it is important to check your appliance before using it, especially if that appliance is hand-held. Hand held appliances potentially pose the biggest risk, as if a fault develops; you are holding it! Check out our user checks post for more information. A number of accidents in the workplace [...]

Charity Shops selling electrical equipment – contact us to test them first

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Electrical goods donated to charity shops must be checked for safety before they can be sold to customers of the shop; they can't just be sold in the conditions they are received in. Appliances need to be checked by an appropriate person, ideally a PAT Testing company, or a person trained to do such testing. If you don't have [...]