Charity Shops selling electrical equipment – contact us to test them first

Electrical goods donated to charity shops must be checked for safety before they can be sold to customers of the shop; they can’t just be sold in the conditions they are received in. Appliances need to be checked by an appropriate person, ideally a PAT Testing company, or a person trained to do such testing.

second hand television sold by charity shops

If you don’t have anyone in-house to carry out the tests there is a good opportunity for someone to learn a new skill, some charity shops will put a volunteer through a PAT testing course, so they can then get paid to do the testing. If you need PAT Testing training then we can recommend a company that does that.

What is expected of the sellersecond hand goods need pat testing before selling

Sellers of second hand electrical appliances are responsible for ensuring the appliance still meets the legal safety requirements. British standard equipment, for example will display the CE mark.

  • Appliances should be fitted with the correct type of UK plug, with sleeved live and neutral pins, and the correct fuse.
  • The plug needs to have the cardboard wiring diagram fitted to the pins.
  • The appliance shouldn’t be damaged or rusted
  • The appliance should work correctly

Before you can sell electrical appliances you need to have taken reasonable action to make sure they are safe; if you don’t you may be liable to prosecution.

It is for these reasons that it is recommended that a competent person carry out the approved portable appliance tests on electrical appliances before you sell them.


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