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9 handy tips to avoid an electrical fire – number 6 will affect most of us

Almost half of all domestic fires are caused by electricity; there were over 20,000 electrical fires in 2011; there are 70 deaths and 350 injuries every year as a result of electrical fires. The most common causes of electrical fires are: Faulty appliances Misused appliances Overheated appliances Tips for Avoiding an Electrical Fire Ask your landlord for an electrical installation condition report if you live in a rented home Ensure your electrical supply meets the UK standard BS 7671 Check sockets, plugs and flexible cables regularly for signs of wear and tear Check your electrical appliances are compatible with UK [...]

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What is “PAT” – What does “PAT” stand for?

What does PAT stand for? 'PAT' stands for 'Portable Appliance Testing' PAT is a process of inspecting and testing portable electrical appliances;  a portable appliance is any electrical appliance that is powered from a plug and socket outlet.  This makes the word portable misleading, as it has nothing to do with whether you can move the appliance. In fact a portable appliance can be fixed to the wall (providing it has a plug - not those directly wired into the mains), stationery equipment such as fridges and washing machines, IT equipment like computers and printers, movable equipment like [...]

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