FAQs – Answers to some common questions that get asked about PAT Testing

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PAT Testing Questions... answered All those burning PAT testing questions have been answered here, if you don't find your question here try our PAT testing FAQs page or contact us, we'd be happy to talk about it.  We get these questions asked a lot; perhaps you have other questions - ask them in [...]

If staff bring personal electrical equipment into work does it need testing?

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Personal Equipment Personal equipment brought into work does need PAT testing, treat it like work equipment.  You are responsible for electrical equipment used at work, whether you have supplied it or not.  What would happen if that appliance caught fire or caused an accident - would you be protected if you hadn't checked the appliance was safe?    Consider [...]

Do new electrical items need PAT testing?

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Do new electrical items need PAT testing? If I had to give you the answer to this question, I would say "better safe than sorry, get it tested", but ultimately the final decision is yours.  Most people say that you don't need to get new equipment PAT tested but it is up to your company policy If [...]

What happens if an appliance fails the PAT tests?

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If we fail an appliance we will advise you what to do; either repair it or dispose of it.  PAT Testing is as much about finding faulty appliances and fixing them as it is about confirming appliances are safe. If an appliance fails it may be repairable; if we can repair it we will do, but if not [...]