Passed PAT Testing label as used by DRA PAT Testing

DRA’s PAT testing labels

We use our own professional branded company labels; we have used labels in this format and colour scheme for many years.

Every label has its own unique ID number, which matches just one appliance in our database; the appliance it is attached to.

Each label is pre-printed with the month and year the test takes place; it doesn’t need the retest date on as that has not been a requirement since 2012. Showing the date the test took place is the most important, and the PAT Testing Certificate Report you get shows the a actual date in the month.

Our company logo and contact details are on there too.

Whilst the engineers name is not shown on the label, it does reflect on the reports.

You’ll see our labels all over the North East, as we have tested appliances in literally hundreds of businesses; so if you need your North East PAT testing doing get in touch.

The PAT Testing Service we provide you with

Free Remedial Repairs

If the existing plug or flexible cable needs a repair, we’ll do that for free, automatically

Free plugs & fuses

If the plug or fuse needs changing; we’ll supply and fit for free

Professional labels

We use company branded, pre-printed purple labels with unique ID numbers

Prompt Certificates

We issue your PAT Testing Certificate within 5 days of completing the job; sooner if needed

Guidance on retests

We’ll work with you to find the best retest periods for your equipment, based on the risks

Timely Reminders

We send you a reminder for retest appointments approx 8 weeks in advance