Christmas tree lights - 8 important safety tips

Here are 8 Christmas Lights Safety Tips

When putting up your Christmas tree lights this year, or taking the tree down in the new year, make sure you follow these 8 Christmas lights safety tips:

  1. Always switch off your lights at the socket before changing a faulty bulb
  2. Always inspect the cable and the bulbs for damage before switching the lights on
  3. If the lights are damaged when you get them from your storage, or damp; don’t use them. Dispose of them and buy new replacements
  4. If you’re putting the lights up at work always PAT test your lights before you use them 
  5. When it comes to taking down the tree in the New Year; switch them off and unplug them first, then gently remove them from the tree to prevent damage. 
  6. Get an old kitchen paper tube or something similar,  to wrap your lights around to keep them tidy. Don’t do it too tight though
  7. Store your lights somewhere safe and dry
  8. If you do buy new lights make sure its from a reputable dealer and that they carry the CE mark to show they conform to EU safety standards