Lockable Socket Covers

Use lockable socket covers to protect important plugs from being accidentally switched off. Great for server systems or computers you don’t want turned off by accident. Also great to protect children at home. 

Everywhere we go there is at least one plug with a post it note taped to it with the big letters “DO NOT SWITCH OFF”. 

Someone somewhere is terrified that the all important plug will be taken out and replaced by a hair drier or heater! 

But you need worry no more, for we have the solution! 

Not only does this simple solution massively reduce the chances of your plugs being disconnected when you don’t want them too, but it can also totally prevent it. 

In addition to that the exact same system can protect younger users from the risks of electric sockets, by totally blocking their paths to them. 

Red and White Do not switch off the socket sign

Lockable Socket Covers

Lockable Socket safety cover being slid into place over a double socket

We are now distributors and installers of lockable socket covers, which can reduce and eliminate the chances of that all important socket being switched off. 

We have tamper resistant covers that have a ‘child lock’ system that requires adult sized hands to release, which through a latch system stops a cover being lifted, effectively preventing sockets being accidentally switched off. 

We also have fully lockable socket covers; with a key, so you can take the key, put it somewhere safe, giving you peace of mind that that socket will not be turned off. 

This is a great solution for:

  • Server systems
  • Important computers
  • Clocking in systems 
  • Sockets in children’s bedrooms
  • Freezers
  • etc.

For more information on these socket covers, or to arrange to have them installed at your workplace or home (without the need to turn off the power) visit our main socket covers page. 

If you’re concerned about the safety of your sockets we do free socket checks for clients when we do their electrical equipment testing.