You should read this before getting new electrical equipment PAT tested

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Does new equipment need PAT Testing?


Do new electrical goods need PAT tested before using? They shouldn’t. New equipment should be safe when manufactured, and are tested before leaving the factory, so there should be no need for you to have to PAT test them before using them.

Assuming the new equipment has been bought from a bonafide retailer from the European Economic area.  Be more aware if you buy new equipment from ‘cheap’ online sites, especially if the appliances are imported from non-European countries. 

However, some company policies do require new equipment to be tested before being put into service, so really it depends on your own policy. Perhaps consider a risk assessment to decide. 

It should be sufficient to do a user check to make sure no damage has occurred in transit. 

If you have an appliance register it may also be a good idea to record this new equipment on that register. A good PAT company should have provided you with an excel document that you can use for recording your assets on. If not, ask them for it. We actually don’t provide it as standard because not everyone wants it, but it is easily available if you do – just ask. 

If you’re unsure of the safety of the appliance, don’t know how well maintained it has been since being made, or if you’ve bought it from abroad or not directly from the manufacturer/licensed supplier then you may want to consider PAT Testing the appliance before use. 

If the appliance has been bought off the internet, or there is any doubt in your mind about where the new equipment has come from it should undergo formal PAT Testing. 

Do you want your new electrical good PAT testing before using them? If you still want your equipment testing, get in touch with us to arrange it. 

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